SPACE-TA - She Loves You More

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Produced by SPACE-TA and Shinji Tanaka

She loves you more
Official Music Video
Directed by Paolo Magtira & YTK
Animated by Team MaNaMo
Post by PixelBox Manila

Team MaNaMo
Magtira Paolo - Coloring and Illustration
Anton Nartea - VFX/ Post Production
Enzo Morelos - Layout and Animation


Magtira Paolo


Edit: Thank you Tom Fulp for the feature!

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That was cool !

I don't think the video did much in terms of explaining what's wrong with her beyond her loneliness. Is not having that love really the sole of her reclusion, or is her life lacking in other aspects as well ? Obviously, this is a short video and you can only explain so much in so much time. So, it's good for what it is.

I love the subtleties in this video. It's a casual glimpse into someone's more depressing life, but in the beginning everything is so bright when she's with the one she wants to be with, and then it sleightly takes a turn into her actual, bleak life.

The music was well chosen and overall it's a peaceful video that a person can watch on a casual day to enjoy some artwork.

loved the detail put into the artwork and the slight animation work gave it just the amount of life needed. great job

This looks and sounds amazing!

this was ok but i don't know what was going on

I don't care much about the music in this but shotouts to the illustrators/colorers/animators/editors, whomever are responsible for the video, this is damn impressive!