SPACE-TA - She Loves You More

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Produced by SPACE-TA and Shinji Tanaka

She loves you more
Official Music Video
Directed by Paolo Magtira & YTK
Animated by Team MaNaMo
Post by PixelBox Manila

Team MaNaMo
Magtira Paolo - Coloring and Illustration
Anton Nartea - VFX/ Post Production
Enzo Morelos - Layout and Animation


Magtira Paolo


Edit: Thank you Tom Fulp for the feature!

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Is this a dream

Slow, deliberate, and intentional to a point of misery.
The little details, on everything, and the overall sense of inevitable heartbreak really resonated with me.
You keyed so well to a simple but atmospheric song, and gave the intagible emotions more context.
I liked the tone of the animation so much I looked up "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by the rolling stones, a favorite of mine, and synced it up.
I think if the song was in the minor key it would fit this animation very well.
In any case, the little choices of hair movements and slowly lingering on what is clearly an uncomfortable show's a good amount of restraint.
Sometimes, a person is just in a bad moment, and they need their time to feel that pain, and sometimes their stuck not knowing how to move forward.
You choosing to acknowledge that in making this, and not giving them a happy ending, is fundamentally part of why I value art.
You caught a moment of emotion few wish to linger on, and didn't flinch from it.
Thank you for making this.

wow i really love the aesthetic,good work <3

freaking amazing, i love it