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In a city overrun with crime and corruption, the citizens of this town find hope in the form of a super-powered weasel, Weasel-Man!!!

Big BIG thanks to my buddy Lewis for lending his voice to Watch Guy and Old Lady, he's a great VA and a real groovy dude, go give him a follow on Twitter @TrashLumberBaby.

And while you're there, maybe drop me a follow as well @BillyRedSnake!

I hope you enjoyed the cartoon, and if you didn't then you'd better listen here buddy-boy...
Next one will be better.
Let me know what you think with a review. Good or bad, just as long as you're honest.

Also, thanks to my dude Hoovy on Twitter who told me how to get permission to use a copyrighted song. Even though I didn't go through with using any music, I still appreciate the gesture.

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... I'm starting to think that radioactive human did more than just bite him!

That or he just met the furries.

BillyRedSnake responds:

Please don't talk about furries around my funny animal cartoon. The last thing I want is a group of people wanting to fuck the rabid weasel I drew as a concept for a Saturday morning cartoon show.

I love these animations

BillyRedSnake responds:

Thanks man, that means a lot to me!

Well that was random. XD Good fun, and good twist on that classic intro in particular.


BillyRedSnake responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked it!

LOL! Bitten by a Raioactive Human!

For starters, the "What? Do they not have birds?" thing is now something I'm gonna constantly question when it comes to them saying "It's a bird" about Superman (coz I literally never thought of that before lol). Also, the watches thing was something I was like "Okay, is it a T-rated version of something A-rated being attempted or is it gonna be something else?" (either would've been fine, but I'm glad you went with the one that was a joke because it was funny). And the way he got his powers was funny because it seems like the reverse of how an origin story for a superhero might go. I definitely give this 5 stars. It was good :)

BillyRedSnake responds:

Thanks man!

Yeah, that Superman thing always bugged me, that's a grown adult in the middle of a city street pointing out a bird, it's odd.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2019
10:55 PM EDT

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