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Hexa Path

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Level 1 5 Points

Complete level 1

Level 10 5 Points

Complete level 10

Level 11 5 Points

Complete level 11

Level 12 5 Points

Complete level 12

Level 13 5 Points

Complete level 13

Level 2 5 Points

Complete level 2

Level 3 5 Points

Complete level 3

Level 4 5 Points

Complete level 4

Level 5 5 Points

Complete level 5

Level 6 5 Points

Complete level 6

Level 7 5 Points

Complete level 7

Level 8 5 Points

Complete level 8

Level 9 5 Points

Complete level 9

14 10 Points

Complete level 14

Level 15 10 Points

Complete level 15

Level 16 10 Points

Complete level 16

Level 17 10 Points

Complete level 17

Level 18 10 Points

Complete level 18

Level 19 10 Points

Complete level 19

Level 20 25 Points

Complete level 20

Level 21 25 Points

Complete level 21

Level 22 25 Points

Complete level 22

Level 23 25 Points

Complete level 23

Level 24 25 Points

Complete level 24

Level 25 25 Points

Complete level 25

Level 26 25 Points

Complete level 26

Level 27 25 Points

Complete level 27

Level 28 25 Points

Complete level 28

Level 29 50 Points

Complete level 29

Level 30 100 Points

Complete level 30

Author Comments

Click here for the steam version

Use the mouse to move the blue ship. Click on the hexagon around the ship to move.

updated with keyboard controls: use arrows or wasd to select hex, press ctrl to move

If you enjoyed this game, please consider purchasing one of my games on steam.

Follow me on twitter.

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Excellent Game. Each level introduces new designs/ different mechanics that keep the Game Fresh & Alive throughout the Entire Campaign. My "Half-Star" Off has to do mostly w difficulty progression. I am familiar w similar games & really coasted through at least half the game - maybe even 2/3. The difficulty rises in small steps for the latter, but I found myself confronted w some peaks in the last 1/3 of the Game, which didn't comfortably slow down my coasting, but put me at a dead halt. This happened at least 3 Times, and the levels weren't back-2-back. Just some Peaks & Valleys in the latter 3rd of the Game, really. Otherwise, the Level Design differences level-2-level were enough to keep me hooked the whole time.

The other part of the "Half-Star" Off has to do w want of an "Undo" Button. I really wanted to hold down the left-click on the mouse and run my course through the Hex-Puzzles, but I found myself clicking one space at a time BC of accidentally moving off course & consequently failing. Would love to see an Update that adds Replay Value via new Modes and/or Leaderboards. But w/ or w/o the latter: Again, Awesome Logic Puzzler that gives the brain a consistent workout! ~ DoctorThrift

Simple but very effective presentation. Substance over graphics, or so they say. The tutorial is helpful and the difficulty rises in a doable manner. I also liked that the game instantly tells you when you are stuck, and how you can restart the game. It's just a very minor thing, but I like it anyway.
As a bonus, the music is calm and collected, which is a good thing, since it doesn't distract from thinking about how to solve the puzzles.

This is a great game!


what a game a very tricky one at that you bring a nice style forward though, it has some hard levels early on maybe adding some life lines to escape certain levels as a bonus, And while this review is comming to a close I know I have mentioned a few things, please dont get discourged because some adjustments can only make things better, but you do have a decent flash entry here, just needs abit more effort, but anyways good stuff. there was some good Highlights of this entry but also needs more other stuff aswell.

adding some life lines to escape certain levels as a bonus


Similar to a hidato game but with some interesting twists. The game is well presented - the minimalist UI fits the game well. Unfortunately I'm a not a fan of these style of games but I can see this appealing to those who are.