Immaculate Conception

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This game is about You. And the you that you wish you were. And the you that you wish you could be again. And the you who hates the old you. The new you will fix you and keep you from being impure. And you always trust you cause you are you. You can't run from you.

This game was a change of pace for me, I usually stick to action based games but I had a idea in mind and a emotion I wanted to try and convey. This game took about a week and a half to make. Any kind of criticism is welcomed as I am not accustomed to a game like this. Hope you enjoy :)

Download Here > https://leviramirezoffical.itch.io/immaculate-conception

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edit, 4619:
Okay, so, it's you, the black blobs are what though? I understand your Experimental -and Hyper-Minimalist!!!- direction, (a theme and style which is rarely distasteful to me) here, since I read that other post. I figured that was what it was, anyway... perhaps I just don't have the vision right now to understand you. Which is okay... just know that I am a depressed person too. Maybe I just missed it because I am too close to the problem. ;) I love games like KOLM, Color My World, Tainted Olive, pixel games, anything that is existential and fantastic. Focus on your theme, build it with your visuals, outline it with your words. ;) Giving you more stars now that I have understood your point as much as I can. Although you DO need to explain better. And I don't mean with words.

Try to elaborate a tad more with the visuals and I think you're golden. Also make it so we can actually SEE the interact-able objects? Way too small to distinguish explanatory details.

LeviRamirez responds:


I don't get it. And honestly, I feel like you should help people get it. Is this about inner turmoil? Personality stuff? Conflicting ideas? Cancer? Pregnancy? Coming out of the closet? Is the game supposed to have a point? A lesson? Just make me think about something? I'm waiting for story progression here, but all I get is smiley face appearing ones every 15 minutes or so (certainly feels like it) and asking for a random number of sacrifices. Am I supposed to comply? Deny? Is there a timer? Am I working against it or for it? Too many questions, not enough ways to find out. As it is this feels a lot like a waiting around simulator. But with more speed to it and just a little extra help in getting the point it could be the experience I imagine you were envisioning. Right now it just doesn't come across.

LeviRamirez responds:

I didn't want to hold people's hand on a "story". It was my first real attempt at trying to convey a feeling through more experimental means. The game as a whole was experimental for me since I am used to more fast paced actions games. So going from that to a slow, kinda weird strategy game made the game play fall flat on it's face, but that's the price you pay for trying something new and I'm okay with that, if you wanna talk about how shitty the gameplay is then be my guest, I'll probably agree with ya for most of it now that I finished it and I can take a step back and actually look at it.

But, I guess if you REALLY wanna know what the """story""" is about I can just flat out tell you and kinda ruin the point of wondering and being confused and question what means what cause idk.

This game is about me. And to an extent everything I make is about me in some way or another but this has to do with my inner thoughts of myself. The main smiley face is me, the white text that greets you upon starting a new round is me and well... even you are me, the player is me.

I wanted the game to be me the different sides of me talking to me. The white text at the begging is the last echo of self love, and me trying to stop myself from falling into my sadness and self-hatred. The white smiley face is my self-hatred manifested into a god-like being constantly saying negative stuff towards me, trying to distance himself from me, but in the end he will always and forever be me no matter how much he hates it, how ever much I hate it. And you, the player, is me as my outer-self, the one dealing with the self-hatred and sadness, trying to make it stop by offering it gifts but it always comes back.

It's edgy, it's dumb, it's artistic, it's whatever you wanna call it.But it's just me wanting to convey my ideas through something creative and productive instead of just being a miserable piece of shit.

But yeah, a new game is coming soon anyways that will hopefully be better than this. Sorry if you hated it :T

I played the game for about 30 seconds... I dropped the black blobs on the thing in the middle. This caused them to explode and spread black goo all over. After repeating this on each blob it was game over. I'm not disappointed.

The aesthetic has so much potential here, but the gameplay reminds me of an amateur recreation of old-school Nintendo or the like. It fails in the simple task of utilizing the full space of the screen.

im quite unsure of what to feel here, hopelessness? loss? i dont know.
its vague, very much so, and im certain there is far more than i think there is.
but for now it just seems to be attempting to convey a message, that it itself isn't sure of.

least, thatch what i can make of it,
probably wrong

so this is an edit,

revisited since i was interested in trying to figure out what was up, and i saw a response to a different review where the author flat out told us the meaning of it all.

1. from a critical standpoint, i feel like you could have conveyed the message a bit more clearly while still maintaining the subtlety and general feel of your work, but kudos to you for giving it a shot at something new, honestly i wouldn't mind seeing you revisit this and make a interesting story from it.

2. from a personal standpoint, go and do something fun. if everything is shit, might as well be happy.