Immaculate Conception

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This game is about You. And the you that you wish you were. And the you that you wish you could be again. And the you who hates the old you. The new you will fix you and keep you from being impure. And you always trust you cause you are you. You can't run from you.

This game was a change of pace for me, I usually stick to action based games but I had a idea in mind and a emotion I wanted to try and convey. This game took about a week and a half to make. Any kind of criticism is welcomed as I am not accustomed to a game like this. Hope you enjoy :)

Download (And Maybe donate?) Here > https://leviramirezoffical.itch.io/immaculate-conception

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A creepy setting and sound made pretty much unplayable by not explaining anything. Sorry, lad, you may be going for some kind of artistic experience or such, but the game's incomprehensible and the quality of the game shows...you know better. I can't possibly enjoy this, as there is no way to figure out what to do or even why.

Okay so I definitively have some things to say about this game. Before I start getting in depths about the things I dislike about it I should mention first my biggest gripe with the game : Poor choice of words.

"The game is about you". What kind of message does it send me ? It forces me to think, critcally. To try to see how this game can be a reflection of my action. During my gameplays I havent felt like this game was about me at all. Not even once.

About the gameplay :
-There is too little to do with the game and whatever there is is explained poorly. I had a hard time figuring out what to do with my little tamagochis/black blobs and how much food I should give them. I quickly ran out of food because I gave them way too much. They showed no sign of being fed ? I understand if you feed them enough they multiply but I cant get them to do it enough and consistantly enough for it to be reliable. Since they're all black dots I cant figure out wich gave birth and wich didnt wich is a bit of a trouble when I assume the one who just split in two cant be bred again for a while. So the one of the only two things I could do during the game was limited.
-As for grabbing, appart from sacrificing and maybe putting the blobs in separates cases so you can distinguish the old ones from the new ones there is little to do. It could have easily been replaced by just clicking the thing to make it die. If you could perhaps move the blobs into different areas to spawn some effects that would improve gameplay a bit.
-And speaking of gameplay the game is way too bare. You have long periods where you just wait for the head to show up, that's hardly any gameplay at all. I know this is supposed to be a art game that convey an emotion but consider this :
1°)If you made it a game why preventing the player from interacting with the piece ? A game as an artform should revolve into player input.
2°)It's a mistake a lot of artgame make by being super edgy and not allowing people to act as they want properly. but by taking away the freedom of the player to have an input on the gameplay, you're taking away his connexion to your piece and basically force them to witness it. There must be a better medium to convey that feeling than games.
-I'm sorry but there is too much waiting watching the screen for something to happen, this is just inexcusable.
-By the way I dont get the Hub. What is it's purpose. I get that one of them is the happiness of your blobs but most of the time it's a couple of interogation points and I couldnt get the other (with the fetuses)to work for the life of me, and I've tried three separate account of this game.
-Maybe there is a deeper gameplay I'm not aware of as all of my tries ended in a game over, but here's the thing : Your "how to play" section should be more extensive, about how to care for the pets and unlocking the gameplay you want us to have. If this game is about Me, then what I take from it is that I'm empty with longs periods of nothing and pointless.

Graphisms :
-So graphisms are minimalists, they look nice and serve their purpose though as I said I wished the blobs were a little more defined for gameplay reasons
-No music wich is really killing it when it comes to long periods of just waiting and the sound effects are just annoying, especially when the big head come down.

Story :
-So I'm not really good at it but, when the head come down and say "I request 3 sacrifice" the first thing that comes into my mind is how he's "requesting" and not commanding anything so I dont have to give in to him. But apparently I failed him and it's the purpose of the game. Then again if the game is supposed to be about me, how come it isnt a choice ?I'm way too confused about the objectives of the game. You present this game as a game where I need to make choice but then punish me for making said choice because I disobeyed somes rules you failed to explain :/ ? Then, I tried to comply to his demands just to run out of blobs. And it took way too long to get there.

If I could suggest anything a fastforward time button would be a lifesaver. Also some explications about what this is all about, or maybe making your head demands way creepier and make us understand from the start we shouldnt mess with this.

I'm sorry man but this need work.

LeviRamirez responds:

Appreciate the work put into this comment my friend, and your points are very valid. However, I have a few points on my part to defend myself.

1.) This game was made in a short amount with a small scale to begin with. I know that dosn't give the game a "get out of jail free" card when it comes the games overall but I do believe it's important.

2.) This was experimental : I don't usually make games like this, I'm usually a person who likes and makes fast paced, action packed games with lots of shit going on at all times, and from this analysis it appears you do to. It's weird, it's flawed but every first step is and I had fun making this.

3.) "This game is about you." Is more of a reflection then a statement. This game isn't aimed at YOU, it's aimed at me... but let's be fair if I sub titled a game "a game about me." I don't think it would rub people the right way... I know it wouldn't with me.

And to be fair I agree with a lot of things you said. The game is very slow and oddly paced, things may or may not be explained to there full ability and the graphics are a bit iffy I would say that giving this game a 0/5 stars is way to harsh and gives very little substance to your argument, almost as if you found NOTHING of value in this game and when criticing a game this is needed to make your "Cons" about the game have much more of an impact.

But, I digress. Thank you so much for putting this much time and effort into reviewing my game and I hope my future projects can impress you more than this did, cheers :)

So far, I'm having a ton of fun with just defying mr Smiley over here and checking out what new dialogue I can find. Wish it didn't take so long to just discover all this new stuff tho. I dig the random sound effects tho, gives it a trippy feel. Some achievements would be cool too, seeing as how there seems to be this little theme of choosing, both with choosing to abide by Smiley's demands, or to not, and to keep playing on. At least, I'm under the impression that it gives u choices ;)


nice game I really like the graphical style cool concept and executed rather well

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Mar 13, 2019
9:53 PM EDT
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