Happy Town

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Hi there! This is my first ever game published to newgrounds. So, I would really appreciate a fair, and constructive rating, and review. Thank you so much!

First time playing? Please consider doing the tutorial! It really helps you understand how to play alot!

Smoke and particle effects are set to OFF at default. If you have a faster PC / internet, I highly reccomend turning the particle effects back on, as this makes the game look much better!

Want to be able to save your progress? You can download the game here! > https://sheep-studios.itch.io/happy-town-windows <

If you would like to play more games by us, follow me to get notified of our future releases.

EDIT: Re-released due to game-breaking glitch! Sorry. :(

If you find a bug, please message me and report it! Thanks!!

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I cleared all levels within 15 minutes!
...most in a different way than thumbnails.
Anyway, I'm very loved this idea.
I want more difficulty levels and types of building. then this game can become a great game!

4 stars from Japan. <3

In its current form this was a diverting title that managed to hold my attention for the time it took to complete it. I like the idea of the game, and I feel like with more time and a few more variables this could be a fantastic puzzle game.

Something I personally like the idea of is having specific requirements on some of the levels like not putting a shop next to a house, or not having any power plants next to apartments, things like that to complicate it a bit more and make it a little more interesting.

Right now it did little more than distract me for about ten minutes, but I liked the ten minutes it took so I can't complain. Thank you for the game.

Sheep-Studios responds:

Thank you for playing our game! We are so glad you enjoyed it! :)

Like others have said, the game has a great premise and a fun concept, but it was far too simple. Id like to see a more complex set of interactions, like more than one resource to manage, and perhaps terrain to be different and have certain effects on buildings, or to allow or not allow them to be built. Maybe add a minimum power output per house/apartment, or add schools within a certain radius of homes and apartments to give "education points." Give us more buildings than can be built to make finding the right solution more tricky. There is so much that could be added to make this a truly engaging game.

Also listing a certain happiness level for a bronze, silver, and gold star completion can give those of us min-maxers a target to aim for if the goal for the level is lower than the maximum possible.

Lastly, a level designer might be a nice touch to let us challenge each other. Most of these assume a more complex goal than one variable but this is a great starting point.

Sheep-Studios responds:

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. You have some great ideas!(level design tool, education points, ect.) Too bad we never thought of them while the game was in development... (something that could be fixed with playtesters) We hope that our next game will be more feature-rich, and polished. Anyways, we are glad that you enjoyed our game!

Ehhhhhhhh. I mean, it _works_, and the idea isn't bad, but it doesn't have much variety and it's too easy. Like, _really easy_. Only a handful of levels actually require you to achieve the best score, and I actually managed to get 16/8 one time

Also, levels should complete once you fill the stage with the required happiness, without having to click that little checkmark

Sheep-Studios responds:

Hi there! Thank you for playing our game. (it really means a lot to us!) The level design was near the end of the development period, so we are sorry that it might have seemed a bit repetative / rushed. Hopefully our next title will have better level design. Anyways, glad you enjoyed our game!

really nice, cool art and nice original mechanics, haven't seen anything like it. I would recommend a hint tool for the tutorial so if people get stuck on a tutorial level it could show a solution or a recommendation on what to do

Sheep-Studios responds:

Hello! We are so greatful for all of the feedback that we are getting from our game! Feedback helps improve our future games. A hint tool would be great! It's a shame that we never though about that.. Anyways, we are so glad that you enjoyed our game!

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3.07 / 5.00

Mar 13, 2019
8:57 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other