Aqua: Dream Deep - teaser (Kingdom Hearts)

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One more project is complete!
Afrobull: http://patreon.com/afrobull
Aqua by MissMoonified: http://patreon.com/MissMoonified

Early access and full animation available on

http://patreon.com/washa | http://gumroad.com/washa | https://www.subscribestar.com/washa

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that's really hot! Great job animating the jumblies bouncing. Zone-tan is gonna get a show tonight!

well color me intrigued lol, now I want to see more, keep up the good work

Aqua is my favorite girl from Kingdom Hearts.
She was my second fictional crush honestly.
Totally going to be looking forward to the full release of this one.
Also, great job as usual though I feel the positioning of her hands is a little off and they look to be too elongated or stretched out. Not sure if that was a design flaw or not, just thought I'd voice my opinion.

Nicely done!😏👌🏽

would’ve liked a wideshot view, but still very good