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Robin vs Santa Claus

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Hello again everyone, its ya boi.

Yeah its a Christmas special in March, a tad late I must admit but that couldn't be avoided this time.

Its been ages since my last Robin story, so I brought her back for this one!

Usual disclaimer. yes there isn't much game here, its an interactive story book. But it's more game than it is a movie so I have to put it under game.

If you complain about that still you lose 50 dkp.

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3.5 the narration won me over. The art is pretty consistent and it does suck that there isn't as many actions as the previous entries that I enjoyed but, frankly it is good to see that you're improving yourself. Might've been late or too soon for Christmas but frankly, there are channels on tv that continue to air Christmas movies day in and out. I just hope you can do Halloween some favors considering that it is one that lost a lot just because of how close it is to Christmas. Keep doing what you do and don't let the negativity of the other comments get you down.

Its alot early for a christmas game.

you remind me of the show ed,edd and eddy, wierd, funny and the art isnt good by todays standards, BUTT i can't help but look at it fondly, you have been here for a long time and if you ever where to go i would miss you.

Yo buddy! long time no see, sorry i haven't been as vocal as usually am. Been busy with college and all of that fun stuff. I've seen a lot of work improvement over the years and because you're trying to do new stuff i'm going to stay open minded; i understand how tough of a transition can be especially for the fans who are following you and those who are randoms. That being said remember to see your work from both sides of the spectrum, you are an awesome creator and you have the talent to pull anything off anything you visualize. You just now how have to figure out how to fatten your audience up and eat up that delicious recipe you 've created. The best way to look at creating something in my opinion, is to compare it to serving a random person food that they never thought to consider and try to get them to eat it. I can see you are stretching the boundaries for what people originally like, to see how people respond to out of the box ingredients and still have the same enjoyment as your original concoctions you've already concluded, works! Just remember food and porn work well together both in the literal sense and physical. You are almost there and i'm very proud to still keep following you! Keep up the good work and as always do what you know what works! ~Gamegenie ;)


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