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Fire 0:05
The Samurai 2:48
Heights 5:39
The Stalker 8:23
Spiders 10:39
The Elevator 14:05
Water 17:11
The Clown 19:35

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Fire: Pure weightless energy
Samurai: Your adversary may be laying dead, but he's soul will follow you
Height: So many of us living in birdcages up in the sky, facing our own solitude
Stalker: Obession can grow into violence
Spiders: The spiders were any half-finished job at the office following him to his home
Elevator: Getting off at the wrong floor can be the most disorienting feeling
Water: There's no such thing as a free bath
Clown: Please acknowledge that I'm entertaining

Wow! Its really good. Whats the name of the music you used in the first piece?

ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

Thanks! I'm not too sure of the name of the track but it's from the album Deuterostome by Kirk Markarian.

While I feel like the style is visually eye-catching, much of it felt necessarily dragged out. Some of the stories had potential, but didn't seem detailed enough, others felt pointless and fake-deep. You could combine some of these stories to make a more developed story. You could have, for example combined The Samurai with the ending of The Elevator.

Also, the music got really annoying about 10 minutes in. You need to contrast it with different "moods" so that it doesn't feel monotone and repetitive.

ShadowPuppetHorror responds:

I can definitely see what you're saying, however a lot of these stories need to stay limited since I only have one week to work on each one.
As far as the music, that's just differing tastes since I think the music is the best part of all of this. A long, dreary, morbid dream is the mood I want to capture.

Love it!

Sometimes when I watch your animations...

I can never get over some of the sensitive topics you depict, like suicide or stalking.
(Partly because I have some personal experience with those topics in my real life.)

But they are still very cool.
Your animation style has really grown on me and I love it.
The animated backgrounds and backdrops are really baeatiful and compliment the cut-out style animation perfectly.