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Come and relax with a whipped and steamy coffee! In a town where adult entertainment is the new best thing, the Whipped and Steamy Café is the best fun for all cosplayers with a wild and adventurous side! No shirts, no shoes, no shame and only the best service!

But this café needs an extra pair of hands to stay steamy. Fortunately, our brand new hire Caffie just got the job! With a stoic demeanor and an utter lack of interest for the job, she’ll have to manage the plans and decorations of the everyday, and meet up with the clientele. And, who knows? Maybe even make some unlikely friends…

Enough about that. Fire up for an experience that only a cosplay café can provide! Here’s hoping your time at the café is just like we like our coffee: Hot, steamy, and with skimpy clothing!

Made in One Month for Strawberry Jam 3

• - • - • - •

Cosplay Café contains content that is not appropriate for all ages and is not suggested for viewing at work. While the game contains no explicit imagery (explicit sex or genitalia), it still contains writing that could be considered explicit and suggestive imagery.

​​If you wish to record a video or make a stream on the game, but are worried about this content, you can turn-off the most suggestive content by disabling "Show Artwork" on the Journal's Settings.

• - • - • - •

Join our Discord at https://discord.whalesandgames.com/ to help decide the future of this game and suggest new content!

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• A segmented visual novel with business and management simulation elements!
• Select the coffee of the day, the snacks, and the decoration to appeal to different groups of cosplayers! Plan to increase group interest, tips, and come up with your own strategies!
• Try to juggle between keeping them all happy, or see if appealing to some is more profitable!
• 6 cosplayers to meet! Try to appeal to their sense of decoration and you might see them more than a few times. And maybe even see more of them, if you know what we mean. ?

• - • - • - •

• One handed mode, because you’ll ask for it anyways. Just use your cursor to make all the decisions!

• - • - • - •

Created, Developed & Presented by Whales And Games
• Website - https://whalesandgames.com/
• Discord Chat Server - https://discord.whalesandgames.com/
• Twitter Profile - https://twitter.com/WhalesAndGames
• Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/WhalesAndGames/

Development Team
• Programming - JorgeGameDev (https://twitter.com/JorgeGameDev)
• Graphics Artist - Moski (https://twitter.com/The_Moski)
• Audio Composer - RobinhoodPT (https://twitter.com/robinhoodyt)
• Support - PonchoGuy (https://www.twitch.tv/pwnchoguy)

Playtesting, Feedback and Special Thanks
• Cody Hoggard • Kroltan • Lucas “Cakemagic” Raney • Samantha Bromham • Tom Santos • Tyler "Diet" Strickland • Strawberry Jam 3 Community

Extensions and Fonts
• Audio Engine - FMOD Studio - Firelight Technologies
• Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
• Main Font - Gosmick Sans - GemFonts

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Nice game! Although there is a bug with El Biddismio's profile...

WhalesAndGames responds:

Glad that you liked it and... Uh huh! I think someone already reported us that bug, and we'll get it fixed for the next minor patch that should be coming this week.

Thanks for reporting! And hope you stick around for future major updates! Cheers! 🐳

Quite a good game. I lost way too much time on it. I wouldn't really qualify it as erotic, because even if the descriptions and dialogues may get graphical it's just a comment and very philosophicallish in general. I doubt anyone would get horny because of it.

It's rather challenging, there are plenty of things to get a chuckle from, the main character is very likeable (a stoic person facing all these unaccounted things). The main challenge is heavily dependant on luck, though. And after you get it, you just accumulate money extremely easily without having too much to invest it on (perhaps you could unlock more characters or pictures?). I understand that you don't want to get more adult than you already have here, which is perfectly fine, but might work a little bit as a deterrent. There are a lot of things that don't serve much of a purpose and I never really found a chance to use. I mean, I could, but only if I wanted to experiment and not maximize earnings or get interesting results. Perhaps you should take a look at that.

I checked the options and there are some placeholders like in Language (Option A, B and C which don't really change anything) and there's also s kind of sound bug: after getting the bad ending, I reloaded the last day and the music was playing twice, making it unbearable. I collapsed the game, opened the saved file and everything was fine, so I guess it's a matter of reloading in the same playthrough without closing the game.

Even though I enjoyed it and wasted quite a bit of time in this, I don't know if I actually think is rewarding enough for the amount of work (especially taking into account how much chance plays in this) and time needed to get everything and all the comments from the different special characters.

WhalesAndGames responds:

We’re glad that you liked the game! It was a rough month of development, but yet we’re relieved to see people playing it for somewhat extended periods of time. We have gotten a few comments of people asking us for more explicit stuff, but we’re still proud of our theme of subverting expectations, referring to the game as “not a porn game, but a porn-themed game”.

We know for some that might be a bit of a blue-balling, but as long as people get a laugh or two along the way we feel like we’ve achieved what we set out to do. We do want to add more scenes with the existing characters, as well as new characters, all the while keeping the game adult-scented. They might be more suggestive than the current ones, but we don’t expect to be going full explicit.

The team is also still evaluating balancing and transparency concerns. Other than customer spread and random events, there’s really not much luck involved on the player’s end unless they’d like to further increase the spread. This was made by design to encourage taking risks to get more profit. Still, we’re in talks about how to give the player clearer control about what they’re doing and the results they’re getting.

As for the audio and languages things, they’re kind both small glitches that exist with the web version right now. We’re working on getting them fixed and issuing a small patch that should future-proof the web version against those and other issues. We’re hoping to having it ready sometime within the week!

Well, thanks for the in-depth commentary on the game. You gave us a lot of things to discuss. Here’s hoping to see you around when we update the project, or if you have any more thoughts regarding the game, do let us know by DM. Cheers! 🐳

I love this game but I can´t get more than 4000 coins, any tips? :(

WhalesAndGames responds:

Sure thing! The first thing you should know is that the goal is to reach 6800$ cumulative earnings. This means that you don’t need to be afraid of spending your money, as the ending is based on the total amount you’ve made over the days, rather than your final money! You can check your cumulative earnings at any time by hovering over the bill icon next to the money.

As for actual tips:
• While there’s a lot of space for experimenting, the first thing you should do is buy a snack to go along with your coffee and save a bit of money to buy another snack and coffee for when the first ones lose novelty.
• If your snack and coffee increase the novelty of a specific group (like Vanilla), try choosing decorations that go along with said group.
• Meeting cosplayers at the end of the day also unlocks permanent bonuses at certain stages, so try to max a few groups and switch to others.
• The customer amount increasing items are a great buff as well and can lead to a quick increase in the amount of money you make. Customer spread, however, is a double-edge sword, and you can either get a lot more customers, or a lot less. Try using both to your advantage!

Hope these helps. If you’re still struggling, we invite you to hop over to our Discord server at https://discord.whalesandgames.com/ and we’ll do our best to continue giving you tips and support, even if it has to be day-per-day. Cheers! 🐳

> • One handed mode, because you’ll ask for it anyways. Just use your cursor to make all the decisions!


WhalesAndGames responds:

We have to look out for our players. Next version will have a "panic button" in case of emergencies too. 😉

Hope you enjoyed the game! Thanks! 🐳

will you be adding erotic scenes to the game otherwise good game good art

WhalesAndGames responds:

While we're going to be adding new events and image variety with upcoming expansions, it's highly unlikely that they'll be full deep-erotic scenes, and stay more on the borderline suggestive like the ones we currently have in game.

Hopefully, that isn't a bummer, but it was a decision made by the team given what we're are comfortable and the type of game we want to make and we want to carry it onwards. We still want to make sure that the new scenes are an absolute eye candy though, so we hope you are still able to look forward to that. Cheers! 🐳