Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café

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Come and relax with a hot and steamy coffee! In a town where adult entertainment is the new best thing, the Whipped and Steamy Café is the best fun for all cosplayers with a wild and adventurous side! No shirts, no shoes, no shame and only the best service!

But this café needs an extra pair of hands to stay steamy. Fortunately, our brand new hire Caffie just got the job! With a stoic demeanor and an utter lack of interest for the job, she’ll have to manage the plans and decorations of the everyday, and meet up with the clientele. And, who knows? Maybe even make some unlikely friends…

Enough about that. Fire up for an experience that only a cosplay café can provide! Here’s hoping your time at the café is just like we like our coffee: Hot, steamy, and with skimpy clothing!

Made in One Month for Strawberry Jam 3

• - • - • - •

Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café contains content that is not appropriate for all ages and is not suggested for viewing at work. While the game contains no explicit imagery (explicit sex or genitalia), it still contains writing that could be considered explicit and suggestive imagery.

​​If you wish to record a video or make a stream on the game, but are worried about this content, you can turn-off the most suggestive content by disabling "Show Artwork" on the Journal's Settings.

• - • - • - •

Need help backing up your save data and managing game data? Check our guide at https://whalesandgames.com/games/whipped-and-steamy/game-data-and-back-ups-guide/!

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Join our Discord at https://discord.whalesandgames.com/ to help decide the future of this game and suggest new content!

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• A segmented visual novel with business and management simulation elements!
• Select the coffee of the day, the snacks, and the decoration to appeal to different groups of cosplayers! Plan to increase group interest, tips, and come up with your own strategies!
• Try to juggle between keeping them all happy, or see if appealing to some is more profitable!
• 6 cosplayers to meet! Try to appeal to their sense of decoration and you might see them more than a few times. And maybe even see more of them, if you know what we mean. ?

• - • - • - •

• One handed mode, because you’ll ask for it anyways. Just use your cursor to make all the decisions!

• - • - • - •

Created, Developed & Presented by Whales And Games
• Website - https://whalesandgames.com/
• Discord Chat Server - https://discord.whalesandgames.com/
• Twitter Profile - https://twitter.com/WhalesAndGames
• Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/WhalesAndGames/

Development Team
• Programming - JorgeGameDev (https://twitter.com/JorgeGameDev)
• Graphics Artist - Moski (https://twitter.com/The_Moski)
• Audio Composer - RobinhoodPT (https://twitter.com/robinhoodyt)
• Support - PonchoGuy (https://www.twitch.tv/pwnchoguy)

Playtesting, Feedback and Special Thanks
• Cody Hoggard • Kroltan • Lucas “Cakemagic” Raney • Samantha Bromham • Tom Santos • Tyler "Diet" Strickland • Strawberry Jam 3 Community

Extensions and Fonts
• Audio Engine - FMOD Studio - Firelight Technologies
• Rewired Unity Input Wrapper - Guavaman Enterprises
• File Browser Extensions – Gökhan Gökçe
• Main Font - Gosmick Sans - GemFonts

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I Loved It!

WhalesAndGames responds:

Glad that you loved it! Here's hoping to see you around for the next expansions. Cheers! 🐳

Little bit difficult to win at first, but a second playthrough got me the endless save. I noticed there's a glitch where if you click on El Bidissimo's 3rd and 4th entries in the journal, it shows Mop Maid's entries instead. Other than that, I think I like the game, but as others have said, I think it'd be nice to consider adding more erotic material than the teases, just as further incentive for the game.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thank you for your feedback! We're still on the process of tweaking difficulty regarding getting the endless save system, and originally intended it to be a sort of reward/confirmation that the player has gotten all the skills they needed from the management phase of the game

As for the erotic material, there's a big chance that our team won't be going there due to our vision of the game, but we will be adding more teasing-level artwork with characters interacting each other in future expansions. If you'd like to leave us future feedback and help us with the direction of the game, we'd love if you could join our Discord! Cheers! 🐳

first things first i wish their where more of these games, second your fucking awesome for making this

WhalesAndGames responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words! We're going to continue pushing out updates and expansions for this game over time, so we hope you stick around and see what's coming!

And no, you're the real one that's fucking awesome here. Cheers! 🐳

Excellent game, great for teaching some new words and have some fun while doing it.

The only bad thing is the repetitive "blop blop blop..." of the characters on the chat screen.

Waiting for some new characters (maybe some non-cosplayers like a photographer or gamer) and maybe a skip button for already read dialogues.

WhalesAndGames responds:

Glad that you liked it! It's funny how much people like the glossary and we're pretty close to taking it off the scope of this version. Looking back I'm glad we were able to get it done for this first release. 😅

You can already turn off or reduce the volume of the characters on the chat screen through the "Voice Volume" on the Settings in the Journal! We specifically made it a separate option from the SFX because we assumed some people would prefer to turn Voices down separately. 😜

And yes, new characters are totally on our list of things we're most hyped forward going forward. The idea of a full fledged non-cosplayer sounds really fun, and we'll have to see if we can make it fit. Skip and better fast forwarding of text is also coming for sure!

Thanks for playing! If you have any more feedback or suggestions we'd love to read more of them over at https://discord.whalesandgames.com! Thanks for playing! Cheers! 🐳

Nice game! Although there is a bug with El Biddismio's profile...

WhalesAndGames responds:

Glad that you liked it and... Uh huh! I think someone already reported us that bug, and we'll get it fixed for the next minor patch that should be coming this week.

Thanks for reporting! And hope you stick around for future major updates! Cheers! 🐳