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My Mini System

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You are a new sun and you have adopted five new planets to create your own mini system. You must protect these planets from planet destroying asteroids, as well as making sure they are rotating themselves on their axes. If all your planets are destroyed, then you are no longer a system, and there is no point in living anymore. How long will your system survive?

Right-Click to produce a solar flare that destroys asteroids, but be careful, your solar flares hurt your planets' rotations.

Hover your mouse over planet to make it rotate on its axis

Everything was created by Seth Konoza except for the UI elements. The UI was acquired from Kenney.nl

Game submitted to Blackthornprod Game Jam #2

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Dam, why are people so mad at this game for being bad? It;s pretty good for a game released yesterday.

konozabulldoza responds:

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the game.

whats the music? i liked that

konozabulldoza responds:

Forgot to credit him https://youtu.be/cUR7OAKl9oY

My only words are, why would the attack be a right click it goes against everything gaming has taught me

konozabulldoza responds:

Yea, sorry about that. It was a spur of the moment thing. I wanted this game to be playable with one hand, so since there is a button you can click on the level to show health/shield, I didn't want you randomly shoot a flare clicking the button

Interesting idea. This could be quite fun but RN I think there's too much of an issue with conveyance for it to really be enjoyable.

For starters, I can't see any hp bars that were mentioned in the text dump. Am I missing something?

Then there's the hitbox issue. The wave is quite large but I'm not sure if all or only the center can damage the planets. I'd assume all but whenever the planets go hit there was no feedback like a sound effect or anything to indicate damage. The whole "slowing their rotation" thing is confusing as well, I missed that you can hover over them to rotate them first time round, but now I know I'm not even sure what purpose it serves.

Then there's the issue that it feels fairly random. An asteroid could spawn next to my outer planet and hit it immediately or it could just glide by without me doing anything. Perhaps you could still deal with every threat w/o consequence but this randomness combined with the constant waiting around makes it feel as though there's no challenge present.

I think there's a few surface issues that could be easily fixed. For starters, if all the planets orbited a little closer, so the farthest planet wasn't right next to the edge of the screen, and everything was balanced in accordance with this, then I think it'd help the challenge a little.
Secondly, the game could do with being faster. This would mean I'm not constantly waiting around but also quicker play sessions allow players to experiment more easily.
Finally, info should probably more clearly conveyed, though a big text dump probably isn't the best way to do it.

Overall, a novel idea that could do with some work in order to bring out that ideas potential.

konozabulldoza responds:

Thank you for the critiques, everything was greatly appreciated.

Yea, just realized I didn't communicate about the window in the top left corner you can click to see the health. Also realized I didn't communicate that the planets rotation is like a shield that protects the planets health. Once its gone your planet starts to lose life and you need to rotate them to generate their shields again. Something I added to add a little more challenge to the game.

But thank you again, and I will look into incorporating your critiques.

Credits & Info

2.78 / 5.00

Mar 9, 2019
8:18 AM EST