Genocide Golf

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10th hole 5 Points

still playing?

11th Hole 5 Points

Another course finished

12th hole 5 Points

I'm tired of doing the same medal over and over

13th hole 5 Points

Pleas help me!

14th hole 5 Points

4 more?

15th hole 5 Points

you beat the 15th course!

16th hole 5 Points

You are nearly at the end!

17th hole 5 Points

The penultimate hole

18th hole 5 Points

A different head got there!

3rd hole 5 Points

finish 3rd curse

4th hole 5 Points

Finish the 4th

5th hole 5 Points

You still have 13 to go

6th hole 5 Points

end the 6th course

7th hole 5 Points

going though the 7th course

8th hole 5 Points

another hole done

9th Hole 5 Points

just in the middle

Hole First! 5 Points

You got the head inside for the first time

Hole two 5 Points

Finish 2 course

1 in one! 10 Points

Hole in one in the first hole

12th day in 2 10 Points

2 strokes, less no because its imposible.

3rd one in done! 10 Points

Make a hole in one on the 3rd hole

Got in 4th one! 10 Points

Get hole in one in the fourth course

Hole in one 2 10 Points

make a hole in one on the second course

Hole in two 10 Points

make the 15th hole in 2 or less

Lets the 13th be easy 10 Points

3 strokes or less on the 13th coruse.

Make this easy 10 Points

17th hole in 3 strokes or less

Now we are talking 10 Points

Get 9th in less than 4 strokes

Rain from above! 10 Points

Get a secret hole in one, 11th course.

Secret way up! 10 Points

16th hole in two strokes!

The 5th in one! 10 Points

get a hole in one on the fifth course.

The slow in one 10 Points

the 14th course is full of bunkers can you do an in one?

This is a long shot 10 Points

Get the 8th hole in one

Was this one hard? 10 Points

Get a hole in one in the 6th

Random physics can screw you 25 Points

Keep trying this can be done in 3

The 10th is hard 25 Points

Get the 10th hole in 2 strokes or less

The 7th can be done? 25 Points

Make a hole in one in the 7th course

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

You were captured and sent to Auschwitz. You can see Hitler playing with the prisoners, but not in a good way...

Menu: up/down arrows, space to select.
Game: Left/Right arrows aim, space to charge, R to restart course, M to mute music.

Let's be clear, this game is for fun, the depiction of 8bit gruesome imagery is simply the framework of the golf game. I do not condone the acts of the real world, this is a game and as such it has no bearing on reality, let the bad taste humor about WW2 events be.

Music: Recreation of Soviet March for RedAlert3 in FamiTracker.

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Cool, but i can aim directly to the right once I start to aim. when I aim all the way to the right it flips around to the left, and when I try to go back I can't because aiming on the left is one way and doesn't skip back to the start. Also the game seemed pretty tasteless but whatever 4/5

Distasteful as all hell and the graphics are a bit boring, but the gameplay is fun and it's accompanied by good music.

If you don't mind casual holocaust jokes with little to no consideration for all the victims of such an atrocity (like me) then you'll have a good few minutes with this game.

these type of games are what brought me to newgrounds back in teh day ppl are way too pc now a days anyway i guess i got booted from the site and now i cant get the rest of the medals it would be worth it if it had a level select but w/e fun time waster

This is actually kinda cool (call me a psycho), the music is really catchy, but imagine what an HD remake of this would look like...

Sure would be nice if you could replay holes without restarting the game from #1.

Needs a menu option.

Credits & Info

2.92 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2019
5:32 PM EST
Sports - Golf