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Battlemoon X - Episode I

rated 2.33 / 5 stars
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Dec 10, 2002 | 7:20 PM EST

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Author Comments

This is my first flash animation, made in Adobe Livemotion. I don't know how size intensive it is so if it starts to take a while to download, then you probably shouldn't watch it. This is no excuse to vote zero, because I can honestly say this is better than a lot of those stick/skater movies.
Vote fair, and post intelligent (operative word being intelligent) and fair reviews.

I dunno, the mic sounded fine and all the files were great before I exported to .swf... hmm...
I have already planned to redo the whole thing to have it make more sense, although I will look into getting a new mic before I record the sound.
It must be livemotion.
PS the bobbing is my shitty way of making him talk. In any case, more feedback would be nice except for "u stole star wars-looking chars, also
DO SOMETHING ORIGINAL" which is a stupid review because of course I stole pics of Boba Fett. I needed a good bounty hunter and I figured he or she could use some Mandalorian amour. Hey, who couldn't use Mandalorian armour?
In any case, if anyone here wants to help with some audio for the redux of Ep 1 (which will be longer and contain much better audio and more of a plot) let me know. Otherwise, comments made about how the animation as opposed to the sound could be improved for Ep 1 Redux. But if you want to help mail me @



Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

what is this the starwars wannabe convition

it was ok untile the boba fet guy met the slime dude then it was bad script so i exited if u make a sequl please get a better script


Rated 1 / 5 stars

"Overall" is an average. 1.666 rounded up

Graphics - It was well done, until it came to the Andross seated in the bar. 5/10

Style - The text was too fast to humanly read and comprehend, try slowing it down a bit. 2/10

Sound - The Andross sounded like an 8 year old trying to imitate Darth Vader in a whisper, and Nexus was just plain incoherent.

Violence - I didn't get far enough into the movie to see. 0/10

Interactivity - No buttons before or during the movie that I saw. A play/stop option would be appreciated, and a button to skip between scenes.

Humor - Laughable was the way the Andross looked, that's all there is to it. 2/10

Overall - 2/10 Normally, this would be blamworthy, but I'll cut you some slack since this is your first submission.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


not bad, a bit random, but it was ok. the only thing it needs is some better sound. i didn't like it very much.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


i suggest to improve more


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

graphic good

ok the graphics are really good, but thats about it. the voices are painful to listen to, the story is ripped off from just about every were along with most of the charcthers, just work on your own story and tweaking the sound and you could have some pretty kick ass flashes