Rouge the bat (GOTM)

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PAtreon voted GOTM for February.

Special thanks to "SailorSilverStar" for provideing her voice to Rouge and "Fenrios SFM" https://twitter.com/FenriosS .

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Some of the loops drag for a bit and proportions are ridiculous, (especially the guy's dick. it's much too long for how skinny it is) but, nonetheless, it's good.

CumminHam responds:

Noted, thank ya verymuch! :)

Some parts stretch a little too much but it looks great. It's amazing how you make such amazing models! I wish to see them used by others.

somehow this looks like those Source Filmmaker animation, although this looks better in detail..

there's few pieces of weird detail in this animation..

but nonetheless.. good one :D

The nose looks like mickey mouse but 5 stars

Oh, shiz. Didn't expect all to be put into one :P

Lets see... seems to be a slight thing going on on the back of her thigh on the titjob. (And base of wings clipping) Along with the well, slinkie dick. It just looks waaay too cartoony tbh.
Cumshot, expressions and voice does really well though.

Second scene does pretty well, has nice little touches to it. (though, feels like the penis size should be more consistent.) And the weird holes in her inner thigh... it is weird how that got there. As you mentioned. Baggie's head also has a few frames of being completely motionless.
Also: There's a "click" sound at the start of that loop. (After climax) I think it might be in the voice audio that wasn't cut out? While a bit budget, the squirting is fine. Slowly getting there :P

Sound effect for the third loop feels a bit too "heavy" however. And not very "penetrate-y". More like she's butt slamming a table or something. Maybe not that, but it doesn't feel matching the act. (There is also that clicking noise somewhere in there too)
Boob jiggle went a bit up and down in quality, but did just fine overall.

Really solid overall, though, has quite a lot of "whoopsie!"'s :P
But feels like you'll smooth that out as you go.
Also: Poor baggy, doesn't get his own tag xD That's workplace discrimination xD

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3.70 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2019
11:34 PM EST
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