Coin Collector Upgrader

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Move around with WSAD or arrow keys. Collect coins and earn money. Use the money to buy upgrades!

Unlock all achievements, fully upgrade all upgrades, and reach one billion dollars to complete the game! Reach $10,000,000 to unlock "prestige". You'll find out what the "prestige" is when you unlock it.

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mobile port plez

MisterTtocS responds:

Thanks for playing! I actually have a game that is similar to this, but a little bit different, that is coming to mobile very soon!

Well, I did the grind for a while. Got to the end with all achievements, but there is no ending :( It started out really slow but knowing your games to be good I kept at it. After a few minutes it became really fun. Prestige was a good addition to the gameplay.

MisterTtocS responds:

Thanks for playing and I hope you liked it! Yeah, there's no message or anything that shows that the game has ended, but really, you would have beat the game if you got all the achievements and upgrades

When I closed and reloaded the game, upon loading the game was stuck on the upgrade screen and unable to leave. Other that that, it's a really fun game. I'm playing in Chrome on Windows 10 64 bit.

Wildly addictive! I reached One Billion after much sweeping and scooping up gems! Loved the Prestige level! I also really liked the smiley face and sound effects. I didn't find #21, so that gem is still hidden for me.

Only a bit tedious chasing the Max Coins Upgrade - I could have had several less of those. My total count of one billion started glitching out a bit while taking on additional gems. It seems to flash "55" in the thousands place. No biggie. Also, I had fun moving my smiley face up at the end, making funny expressions with his eyes up in the green zeros! Ha!
Overall, this game was fun, really cool!

Fun take on the "clicker" genre. To new players I recommend "prestige" as soon as you get to 10m. You will thank me for it.

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2.98 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2019
6:53 PM EST