Misty's Gym Battle

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What happens next will SHOCK YOU

18+ characters depicted (wait for the end)

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You did a great job emulating the art style and animation style of the Let's Go games, good job!

Can say I am a bit anxious this will faceplant, but the 18+ fandom has a pretty bad rep xD
Models look really nicely re-used however.

Really solid start of it. Adds some "fluff animation", but its done very tightly, so its nice, adds context and doesn't cause a ton extra work.
Use of body language is good. (repeatedly) And background is really well made.

As for her model: The perineum is slightly off. The somewhat prepubescent design of her junk makes sense based off the model, so it works. (Especially as its quite detailed) Does go with quite a bit of porn logic with the fingering and all, but eh xP
Does have a few clipping issues, but pretty minor.

Getting a bit skeptical halfway through, but I'll see where it goes.
Hm, didn't notice before that the pupils just jump from A to B, but guessing that is how it works in the game?
And of course it does the cardinal porn sin of going ass to vag xD

His dick model looks oddly pale and veiny though. Doesn't really match his design.
Her breast size seem okay based on her model though.
Aaand complete lack of climax docks 3 points. He was supposed to be repaying HER. That's failing on a rather basic level.
Oh well, its overall still a solid work. The ending is just perfect xP

you lost with a PARTNER PIKACHU against the fucking water type gym leader? No wonder he has no fuckin money.

How did this scrub lose with a pikachu

Good fuck though 10/10


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4.36 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2019
1:01 PM EST