Detective Mickey : A Death In The Family

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Detective Mickey : A Death In The Family

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mickey wasn't dead?

Oh, boy! This is awesome!
A really peculiar, non-common drawing style... But incredible!

This is my favorite of all the animations you have posted. I would like to know more about Donald and Mickey's story. Like why did Donald pull the trigger. I would think that he would have just let them shoot him instead. You have a lot of potential with these shorts.

mickey was in ww2, nam, and was a detective; very interesting noir between them collectively. they stayed out of korean war though for some reason.

Nice and dark

So this was nice and dark I love the dark and grainy feel of this makes it like a real movie the vhs tape was a nice touch too the ending was just perfect you could make this longer or even make more of this in a form of a series or something anyways nice film entry here

I could see some form of a series vome from this