60 seconds Madness

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The Story is hank is killing people because.

YOU: “ because what? ”


YOU: “ because what!? ”


YOU: “ are you trying to piss me off!? ”

Hank is killing people because Hank is killing people!

YOU: “ don’t give me that shit! ”

I don’t know why he’s doing this! He’s mad! Everyone in this world is mad! That’s why it’s called madness, dumb ass!
Ask sprinkles! He made madness combat!

YOU: “ don’t you mean krinkels? ”

No, I’m talking about sprinkles.

YOU: “ his name is krinkels! ”

no , it’s not! Krinkels is The thing you put on ice cream to make it more good.

YOU: “ what!? Why are you so stupid!? Plz tell me why! ”

I’m stupid because I like ice cream.

YOU: “ god dammit! now you made me hungry for ice cream. ”

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Was that monster arm at the end supposed to be Tricky? :D

Nicholas-Williamson responds:


look at hank go :^)

Why is that russian doll not moving. *Gasp*. I mean, madness russian doll

Nicholas-Williamson responds:

it's not Russian doll, it's a queens guard doll.
I made that for my grandma birthday


I like the stop motion and the lighting stays the same the whole time for the most part which can be kinda a problem for some stopmotion videos. And the sound effects are oretty cool. And you can obviously tell it's madness. The music kinda fits but it isn't what i would personally choose.