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Jimmy Drop

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UPDATE 3/25 :: Added some new graphics -- changed placement of "Remaining Grapples" counter text and icon to lower corner on Heist -- fixed a bug where the bumper would occasionally get stuck when trying to move it

UPDATE 3/23 :: New "Undo Button" added, fixed an issue where in some instances your save game would be over written, made some changes to some of the levels to make them more fun, other relatively minor improvements. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/18 :: Minor bug fixes and improvements. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/11 :: I have totally revamped the project to make it more lightweight. This was to address the long load times and large download size, but should also help with overall performance. Enjoy!

UPDATE 3/6 :: I have added save game functionality!
-- I have tested a good amount, but please let me know if you find an issue and I will work promptly to fix it. I added a "Play Unlocked" button on the start screen so that you can continue playing from where you left off if you have already made progress on the game before this update. Enjoy!


I am working on fine tuning the details of the game and adding features like music, sound effects, etc.

I then plan on adding a scoring system for completion of each level, some bonus for collecting bananas and such (maybe after you collect a certain number the next stage is unlocked?).

Thank you for playing! Please let me know how I can make it better! I am continuously working to turn this beta into a fully developed game

=== [===]===


Jimmy loves to be dropped, but he needs you help!

Each of the 3 stages shows Jimmy in a new world, and with new Abilities. As you progress through the game, each level of each stage presents you and Jimmy with a new challenge. Place Bumpers and use Jimmy's Abilities to help guide him to the end of his journey!

With the right placement and timing, you and Jimmy can do anything!


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Best game ever. I'm addicted! Where can i pay for more levels?

Great game so far! I can see where the sizing might be better on a smartphone...

There needs to be a way to save progress etc, but based on the author’s description it looks like that’s something that will be added.

Interested to see what the finished product will look like

njordan1017 responds:

Thank you so much Mike! I appreciate the rating!

Yes you are correct, I am working on a save game feature where you will have to unlock levels as you progress. It shouldn't be too long before I have finished that! Also yes the sizing is best on a smartphone, when I am totally finished with the game I am going to publish it to the mobile stores so keep an eye out!

Great improvement so far. Glad that you fixed the screen and changed the placement of the rotation wheel. That was the major problem with this game. Maybe add some music or something that could make the game feel less static? Anything like a simple beat would help make the game look and sound better. Other than that, super neat game and great for killing time!

njordan1017 responds:

Awesome, thank you for the suggestions! Music is definitely something I planned on adding. It will be a new addition soon! And thank you for the stars!

Jimmy drop is great.

njordan1017 responds:

Thanks rwilliams8! I appreciate it!

Kind of obvious that this is made for smartphone. I can only see half of the game at once. Problem is, once i zoom out, the text in the boxes shifts ot somewhere i can't see it anymore. So, it's basically unplayable for me.

njordan1017 responds:

Hi LDeins, yes you are right... I initially made this game for a smartphone. I can definitely work on adding a fullscreen view for non-smartphone use so the game will fit correctly. Thank you for the feedback!

EDIT: Hi LDeins I have fixed the sizing issue please let me know what you think! Now that the sizing lets the game be playable, please consider adjusting your rating to your thoughts on the rest of the game!

Credits & Info

2.79 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2019
4:13 PM EST