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Baby Steps 5 Points

Push the button

Not Bad 10 Points

Sub-4:00 Time Trial

Portals 25 Points

Get to the portal part

Swift 25 Points

Sub-3:00 Time Trial

Breakneck 50 Points

Sub-2:20 Time Trial

Lasers 50 Points

Get to the laser bit

Lively 50 Points

Beat the game without dying

Godlike 100 Points

Sub-2:00 Time Trial

Made it Out 100 Points

Beat the Game

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Note: Some people have said it doesn't work on Firefox (it does on my end). So it might not run on older versions of Firefox or Flash.

You're in this room for some reason. You should probably leave.

Use arrow keys or WAD to move around.

Here's a WALK THROUGH: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/c2ebc1bc3006fe1f31dd73be07c3eff4

Clicking anything takes focus off the screen, so you'll have to re-click the screen to move. Sorry about that

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This game is only enjoyable for die-hard plattformer fans with the patience of a saint. On my first run-through it took me about 1h to finish ( I didn't want to use a walkthrough, so I figured everything out on my own, including the laser pattern and the die-midjump-to-reach-the-button-trick. ) But even the second level with the 4 buttons is already unforgiving for anyone without great timing. Reaching the red button was a pain in the pooper at the beginning, also the fact that new players didn't even know when to press it without using the walkthrough, surely made the game highly unatractive to them. The level with the chest was glitching with the boxes, sometimes movable over the spike, sometimes not. After a run there, the scroll of the piano level stayed stuck on the screen, even after going to the menu and restarting a dozen times.
The piano level itself is another impossible section for anyone who doesn't know piano tabs (which is the majority of gamers, and people in general). The darkness level was also tricky with the spikes beneath most drops, it just made me waste so much time doing everything again. The laser level made it even worse. I spent a good 20 minutes just trying toi see where the lasers are coming from, just to die and try to get back to the same spot again. And the wind level after that required a whole bunch of perfectly timed jumps, making me restart it a good 100 times within a minute. The riddle at the end was also kinda hard to figure out, another thing most people wouldn't figure out on their own.
Doing everything within 2 minutes was a humongous pain, that took me a whole 3 hours to accomplish. I know that 99% of the players here aren't that patient, as you can see on your gamer's score rating.

Games are meant to be fun. If a game starts with already perfectly timed jumps, riddles that require specific knowledge, and an insane amount of patience just to figure out a pattern, which takes even more patience to follow afterwards, then the game sucks. Easier levels, more hints and less demanding tasks would have made this game much more fun for everyone. I hope you learn from this for the next games. I may have beat it, even with a good all-time highscore, but that doesn't mean I liked it, I just really wanted those 100 points. Without the medals your rating would be even lower, sorry.

Hard as hell. I can't even get pass the ROYG level.

Doesn't work (I use Opera)

what am i supposed to do after pushing all the buttons i dont know what to do im very confused and frightened and shaking and crying please help

I'm the first to admit that I'm a terrible at playing platformers even though I really enjoy them. I can usually play for a while before i get impatient from not being able to complete the levels and that's enough to satisfy me.
I couldn't even finish the first level of this game. First of all it took me a long time to realize I can double jump since there are no indications of that (not even in the description) and after the spikes came up it was literally impossible for me to get to the red button.
I understand wanting to make a challenging game that will keep people hooked up but the way it's made it's very difficult for the average person, making it basically impossible for people like me who just aren't good at these games.
I can apreciatte the effort put into the game: I like the soundtrack, the graphics are nice and it might be a fun game if you can play it.
I hope in the future I'll be able to play one of your games.

Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2019
3:37 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle