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A young man, who works at a junkyard, is taking his break and is about to eat his sandwich. Things get complicated when a scarp pup comes by and tries to eat his sandwich. Will he be able to eat his sandwich in peace?

This is my sophomore project from college. Don’t expect it to be amazing by any stretch of the imagination.

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Nice animation.

Nice animation

So this was a nice animation you have here some really good visual scene some great flow of animation some great scenes it even gets dark pretty quick but was pretty entertaining so nice film here you should make more like this I had a good chuckle with this one.

no changes needed it was very entertaining


Nice. Graphics are a bit rough, but meh. You've got good comic timing! A little slow, but good. A solid grasp of visual comedy, too. But, do watch your English.
(A boy tries to avoid should be:

A boy tries to keep/stop a pup from... eating his sandwich. Or, a boy tries to avoid a dog who wants his sandwich.)

Avoid is not used the way you used it. ;) I really liked this. Please do more!

Distract the dog, then eat it quickly.

Should've just eaten that sandwich faster when he had the chance! Title seems a bit misleading, but it's a nice short, fun and likable. Though optimal ending: they could've split the meal.