Rise of factions

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An idle factory building game, where you can create factories, recruit clans, scout new locations, research techs and trade.

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lost my progress, i saved the game, i returned at the next day, my factory was gone, the nomad clan was gone but i had the brainiacs but no way to buy the nomads back, the mechanics are interesting but i simply cant play this if there is no way to properly save

The game constantly breaks due to the tutorial. The 1.2 Production tutorial refuses to close and nothing gets around it. If I make the mistake of opening a menu then I can no longer click on anything (nothing clickable is visible).

I really like this game, only complaint is that the game freaks out once you have too many factories. also can you make factories copyable, like saving it as a preset and then if the player has the materials they can just copy that factory.
Edit:so basically all the buttons no longer have text and anything I click on has not actual affect

GrafixGames responds:

Yeah I am working on it. Its called blueprint. You can purchase a blueprint from the shop and then create blueprints on any factory.

Edit: What do you mean by game freaks out?

From the title screen looks like its version 0.2 and considering that it is about where one would expect it to be; you can get a feel for the game itself and I personally like this style of game. I like the factories, and that you can have them layered. I hope you continue to expand upon this game!

And for a rather long wordy bit for the dev:

Now as mentioned by others there are still some bugs and a few key features that if addressed could improve the game play experience.
I'm just going to write a list of things that need to be looked at, you are likely familiar with many though an outside perspective can be helpful to find issues you are used to and thusly don't notice.

For reference, I'm running Win10 on Firefox (private browsing).

I'll start with the tutorial, mostly just Quality of Life things to make it easier to follow
*When 1.0 intro on tutorial closes, have it animate to show it collapsing to the top (like how minimizing a window shows it collapsing to the toolbar briefly) to help guide the players to see where the guide is located without having to search the screen for it.

*Note: just a quality of life polish thing for later versions but many points have it showing things like carbon_fiber_sheet or cf_sheet rather than Carbonfiber Sheet.

*On 2.2 Trading, maybe include a more of a hint that you already have all the needed Transporters for 3 sets of Resource Processors as I totally missed that I didn't need to buy more Transporters when I did the tutorial and ended up with nothing to do for several minutes.

*On the 3.0 part it just appears to end after telling you to scout, I'm assuming its not finished and I'd recommend adding the Research on as 3.1 and maybe expanding it a bit more later on.

*Also, the scouting Power District1 should unlock after Optics is researched (or maybe even after Automation Market is scouted) as it unlocks buying the Fission Reactor, which is only useful after those 2 are unlocked.

That appears to be the current end of the tutorial.
As for some improvements and bugs to report, I found a few and will try to include how to reproduce if I figured out how. I'll also mention some missing features that would greatly improve playability.

*If you want to rotate them, you must click on them, click "remove", click "build", click the ">>" button 3 times, then select the desired Transporter, then rotate all of the inputs/outputs to the desired orientation, then place the Transporter. If you messed up you have to restart this process.
You should be able to change orientation similarly to how you can change production in the Producers, by clicking on them after they are built and getting the same menu you have when placing them. Or at the very least allow us to auto remove them by building onto them so we don't have to keep canceling out of build.

*Related note: Clicking "build" then ">>" 2x to "Resource" then clicking Uranium and placing it, to then select Carbon you must click "cancel" then ">>" 2x to "Resource" then click Carbon.
Clicking Cancel when placing a item should not close the "build" tab, just cancel placing the item and return you to the tab you were on eg "Resources" in this case

*Producer's connections also appear to update visually on day ticks, so the orange links tend to persist after removing them if paused.

*This appears to be geared for mobile, which I'm not too familiar with this style of game, though for desktop I'd suggest having buttons to go directly to "Transfer" build menu from "Producers", rather than the tabbing arrows back and forth.

*Keyboard shortcuts such as pressing "r" to remove building would be very helpful as removing is very tedious for multiple removals (like clearing a factory).

*Distributors sometimes don't do so equally, when input Uranium from right sending it up to a Resource Processor(RP), and up-left to another Distributor which sent Left and Up to 2 other RPs the 1st one only received the 1st Uranium and then no more (1st distributor acted as a Transporter to the 2nd one)
*Likely has a missing tutorial as its not explained well, but I/P has a number on the bottom that does not appear to do anything, when sending in resources only the left most one transferred any if more than 1 had the same resource.
*Would be nice if we could place named ones or otherwise set them to have the same layout easily reproduced.
*Removing a Factory leaves a "deleted" entry on factory list.
Uranium: It appears that occasionally after playing for awhile they will vanish expectantly, I can't quite figure out what is triggering it, but once it vanishes it seams to repeatedly do so randomly. I've noticed that its always the same one and it happens in different spots. One spot I've noted is the 5th slot of the bottom row, though other spots have been observed. It appears to happen after some time spent playing.
This may happen to other resources however I've only noticed it on Uranium.

Not a bad start but as it looks to be version 0.2 it has some expected room for improvements. A few bugs, some Quality of Life features missing however I did enjoy playing it. The majority of this is feedback for the dev.

I hope you find this helpful, and have a wonderful day!

GrafixGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback.I have understood all of your problem. I will surely improve the game in next version.

Can you join my reddit page(link is in the home menu of this game)? So that I would be able to inform you for the next version. I would really like you to review next version of this game.

If you can just make a post on the reddit page or message me there, so I'll remember you to inform you for the next version.

This lacks a lot of in-game mechanics. You must be able to rotate stuff after you put them, you must be able to put resource next to producer, transporter must take 2 items at a time and feed it to the producer etc. It also need a better UI "did you clicked wrong resource? well let me return you to the main screen." is not a good playing experience. Also some of the mechanics in game happen once every 2 days not daily. Also also there is a bug making resources disappear. For starters not bad but as a game it is bad.

GrafixGames responds:

1) You will unlock transfers with more than 1 input and 1 output later by research and scouting.

2) Why do you need to rotate objects? you can rotate transfers.

3) What do you mean by "did you clicked wrong resource? well let me return you to the main screen." ? there is a cancel button to cancel the build

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Feb 18, 2019
3:53 AM EST
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