Shantae - Full Futa Hero: Prologue

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Deep within her lair, Nega-Shantae prepares her newest form to finally get back at that half-genie troublemaker...will she get the hang of using it?

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Expressive and the voice acting is very fitting.

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Something super expressive and well animated with some great voice acting. That's pretty rare in this field of animation so I am glad that this is giving life to the futa community. It isn't perfect but it is certainly a pretty awesome clip that deserves the praise it is getting.

The animation is super lively, varied and interesting. The character moves with energy and there's not one repeating loop in sight (and if there is it is very well made and seamless). The boobs jiggly in a nicely subtle way and the hair follows well with its own natural physics. All the facial expression are well made too and the lip syncing is spot on as well, with no tearing in the model. The only complaints I have is that the model used clearly didn't have the penis made with the model and an awkward slightly dark seem forms around where the original model and the penis meet, plus the cock itself is very much more detailed and rugged then the model's smooth skin which makes it a tiny bit distracting.

The sound design while high quality and works well with the animation (including subtle details like the movement of skin and fabric on the character). It does seem like it could benefit from either some background music, ambiance or both to fill the silent void in between the VO and sound effects. The voice actress does an amazing job: it is well acted, funny, sexy and full of energy and effort, pretty damn great. Although it doesn't seem that you credited her anywhere on this page or in the video which is a bummer because I wanted to check out her other work.

In conclusion, pretty damn great animation here with only a few things that I would consider drawbacks to this great clip of cute futa action. Followed!

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Look's like I have a new fetish!

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4.04 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2019
11:49 AM EST