Mass Desires

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Miranda And Liara find themselves under a very lustful spell. One of Liara reconds really was something to be sure about.

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Oh yes! So hot and sexy. I love the 'jiggle physics' in this too. Keep up the great work.

Look at that ass jiggle!

BlackKuStar responds:

Ass got me thinking about making a twerk video thing something....butts

When the commanders away... the girls gonna play!
Mass Effect is one my all-time favorite RPG game series, so I honestly felt the need to watch this. Even if this animation doesn't feature my fav ME companion, girl and romantic partner (Tali Zorah <3!), that doesn't makes this animation bad; rather, it now makes me want to see one featuring her.
I have to say that this one is pretty freaking hot: I always liked Liara and Miranda as characters, and this animation is tempting me into having another two playthroughs just to romance each of them (though I romanced Liara with my FemShep). I love the girl's bodies and design. The butts look nice and the modeling is faithful to the games. I actually don't mind that is futa; honestly, I actually wanted to ram Liara while she does Miranda.
My only issue would be that some of the animation is choppy, but it isn't a big detriment, given that everything else is top notch.
BlackKuStar, you just got a new fan. And now, I beg of you, make a sequel with Tali joining the fun!

BlackKuStar responds:

I enjoyed reading your review. I have planned out part 2 already. But part 3..... ^_^

10/10 would Fap again

BlackKuStar responds:

To have Fapped at all is a win

Dat ass.

BlackKuStar responds:

So Nice.

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3.47 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2019
1:58 AM EST