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This is an old version

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tina my fav i can tell

good game, i wish it saved my data though

2 hours of playtime = SOO GOOD!!

So many features disabled because patreon only. Feels bad, as you only get a minimum gameplay. Cant understand the high rated reviews.

Alright, here's a boi long report I wrote down along my walkthrough to finish the game
- what I call "reversed caps" is for example when you write "mARKSMAN" instead of "Marksman".
- "Bday" is a short for "Birthday"

>>Minor Issues :
¤ Marksman Caps reversed in extra work
¤Alice's Bday caps reversed in calendar
¤ Metal flower gather in searching the tent is in reverse caps
¤ Megan, Lexi, Isabel's Bday " 'S " unintended cap in calendar
¤ Aurora's text in her introduction dialogue is smaller than usual in the game

>>Bugs :
¤ The farm is missing on the afternoon/evening/night/event map
¤ The Witch's tent is also missing from the afternoon/evening/night/event map
¤ You can do 2 actions (and go AP at -1) during night sneaks because for example after you do your action and then go to Tina's as she's not there you can pick an item (it be dildo or panties) in her room even tho you should not be able to do so with your AP being at 0

>> "I have several questions" :
¤ The fact you can ask a girl questions on Bday is kinda cheating because it means you can only ever ask it as you go for her bday event
¤ Why is aurora introduced but it stops imediatly ? is it a bug like we weren't supposed to have that intro scene if we're not patreons ?
¤ When going into the party with formal outfit on first time, selecting natalie and having a blank scene with the fireplace photo, is it on purpose ?
¤ Is the ability to use specials more than once purposefull ? (because it removes all difficulty in bounties and you can now trivialise all bounties with gambit without having reached the late game)
¤ No creampie photo for Gambit's fuck scene ?
¤ What is the "Not Ready" option for Kayo ?

>>Suggestions :
¤ QoL improvement : Highlighting the current day in the calendar
¤ Chara dev with Kayo could be improved, for example, the possibility to do early actions with her (for example, looking for her in the woods or something alike) and making the sex part less direct, the fact she's a tribal doesn't justify that she wants to have sex with you just because you're level 3 or 4 :')
¤ Art improvement : You should split chara arts in 2 parts : facial expression and overall character art; that way you can adapt thier expression to the mood of the situation instead of having to use other images to show that, even if that is still a good complement.
¤ Maybe adding more interactions with Kayo in the cave
¤ Feels bad not to have the possibility to interact with the witch girl or succubus some more after their plot is finished
¤ Lacks in the developpement with Kayo's dialogues, they are short and sometimes feel rushed (but I write novels so it might just be me and my standards of quality)
¤ Would be cool to have more actions possible with the girls during night sleep time
¤ Perhaps adding more bounties and doing some plot events linked to them
¤ Adding all the accurately "datable" girls in the panel where you show them; currently there's megan, isabel, alice, natalie, lexi and tina, but isabel is patreon only so only at 0 while kayo isn't there besides being public; you should add all the characters in my opinion
¤ Being able to access the stat/calendar panel all the time would be great