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Currently, there are only 40 days of worth in-game content.
This is a re-released hot-fixed version.

ALSO there was a huge file corruption on my old computer and the file I recovered ended up having a bunch of graphical errors, I haven't found them all but am working to fix them. For example the cabin door number's having an extra 1 below them sometimes. Things like that are at the result of that corruption. So I'm still fixing things from it.

This new version adds a bunch of new content. Of course the game is still in very early development so...
Please mention bugs below. There are a lot so all the help is great! I normally fix bugs pretty within a couple days of reporting on here so yeah!

I understand the game has bugs and balancing problems.
They will be fixed when I have free time.

(I am terrible at English but a lot of effort was put in. I am from Thailand.).

If you want to support the game, please consider donating to my Patreon. I would love to have your help.


I am actually going through some medical problems at the moment but I will work as hard as I can.

The farm is unavailable for the moment to the public, Patrons are beta testing it for me first.

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I really enjoyed this game.
Although I should mention the metal flower is spelt mETAL FLOWER in game.

well done my friend for a game thats only 50% done, well done indeed!

How do you get all of the girls to really enjoy sex with you? The trick to Tina is to Lay Down and fuck her ass. The trick to Megan is to Lay Down and fuck her tits. What are the tricks to the other girls? Alice's monster kink, Lexi's squirting kink, Natalie's deepthroating kink, etc. How do you use them?

MrMarshy responds:

Thanks for the question. I haven't finished this yet. People seem to think Its a finished game when I have said that its 50% done. Hope that explains it. Will be completed soon.

The Music During The Night Sections Are Soooooo Nice As Well As The Game As A Whole

MrMarshy responds:

Thank you I really appreciate it. The music was a part I really enjoyed making.

i wanted to like this
but the art, which just translates to the sex
and it feels like sex scenes are just reskins of one another cept Kayo

MrMarshy responds:

Thanks for the review. I don't know why you would go into it trying to like it, you should be unbiased. I don't mind if you don't like the game that is fine.
People are allowed to have an opinion. To respond to the feedback, Sex can be art, Kim Jung Gi one of the best draftsmen in the world draws sex. Sex is beautiful. Maybe not the actual act of it but the meeting of two people.
I am completely aware of the problems with the repetition. The game is only 50% done.

But thanks again for the review, will work on that problem like I already had planned before your comment.

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3.56 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2019
12:10 PM EST
Simulation - Dating