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Heather Dance

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Happy Valentine┬┤day

Original video:

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It was kind of like a small music video was still too short you have some entertaining elements in this piece also some added english subtitles would be nice this was a nice element of movie here very amusing and most of all very entertaining stuff

as mentioned above


Nice work, I liked those editting cuts and the close-ups.

I need English subtitles or a translation of the lyricsbecause I can't understand French.

Not sure what they're saying in that song but I'm sure it has something to do with the animation! Subtitles... maybe? Sweet dance, though! Happy Valentine.


This was pretty fun. Happy Valentine's Day! That was a pretty important part of the "Peanuts" mythos. I only wish it was longer. I wasn't quite sure it was about "Peanuts" until the scene at the end. I know what you're talking about.

Heather was the name given to the little red-haired girl. Of course, this was only in the cartoons and not the actual comic strip. I think she had some inconsistent designs. Well, it wasn't an official representation of the character, but it's fine. It's a sweet song too.