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You play as Payton, a captain in one of the armies tasked with destroying the ever growing hordes of monsters. You serve under Colonel Vanora, a powerful fighter and cunning strategist but known far and wide as an ice queen that sees her soldiers as numbers, not humans. With a quirk of fate, you find yourself promoted over her and now have the power to make her pay for everything she's done. Sexually, of course.

For more of my games, you can go to my patreon:

NOTE: It's possible that saving won't keep after shutting down the window. Two things to keep in mind.
1 - The game can be downloaded for free on my patreon page. That will make sure that the saves work all the time.
2 - Make sure that cookies are enabled on your computer. Just to make sure that the saves work, save when you start the game and see if it keeps.

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After playing your alpha of News Desk, I wanted to come and play your other games.

I love this concept, but I do have some critiques.

First off, I want to list things that I loved.

- The overall gameplay concept. It's very basic, but has great potential. I feel like gameplay is your strongest area, having played News Desk and this. I loved the random events and overall field gameplay, you had Ok monster variety and although the battles were bland, it was far better than any porn game in recent times.

- The art was good, though I feel like News Desk's art is a bit better. Different artist? Anyways, this art did have a few shortcomings but overall I felt it was quality. Again, comparing it to other porn games on this site recently, I have to give it an edge. Vanora was really well designed and by far the best designed character in the game. That makes sense of course.

Areas of improvement:

- Lack of art assets and asset variety. For all the good I had to say about the art, there wasn't enough of it. I felt like most of the assets are spent in the first levels of scenes. From like Rep/SW 10-6 we had a good amount of different sprites and CG's but after that, there was none. Some paths didn't have any CG's at all, which was a real shame because I would have liked to see what happens during her many "Walks" and her maid services.

I felt that sprite variety was good, but CG variety was really lacking. During the scenes where Vanora is put in the stocks, the only CG you have is her clothed. She loses her clothing pretty early in the scenes, but even though the text is describing what's happening while she's nude, she is still in uniform in the CG. This is a huge missed opportunity, in my opinion. From what I gathered, you're one dude who does the writing/programming and your SO/Wife does all of the art assets? This may be because you guys have lives outside of creating pornographic content, but I feel like if you delayed this project another 2-3 months for more art assets, it would have been more than worth it. It's a shame because as I said earlier, Vanora is really well designed and being able to see more of her would have been a plus.

- The token system. This may be because the token system wasn't explained properly (The mechanics weren't really explained as well as they could have been tbh,) but I was never able to get more than one token at the expense of 50 Rep. that's a huge loss and the game made it sound like i would get less/more depending on my performance. At 10 rep, I went around stomping mobs but the only reward was one token at the expense of 50 rep. I feel like this either needed to be explained better or it needs to be reworked.

Things I would have liked to see:

From what I understand, this game is finished, so this next part will assume that you plan come back. I understand that may not be a possibility, so these can be my afterthoughts or suggestions for future projects. In that event, i would love to see more CG's and sprite work.

I think expanding on the already good gameplay will do nothing but good. Maybe raise the Rep cap. Like i said earlier, this is the area you're strongest in, imo.

Explaining stats a bit better wouldn't do any harm. Other than the token system, I have no idea what Vanora's lust did. I had it at 0 a lot of the time but was still able to unlock scenes with no issue.

I think adding one more troop slot would be great. Especially if you raised the Rep cap. This would couple well together and enemies would ideally have another slot to compensate.

Overall I really enjoyed this for what it was. I'll definitely be following your future works and looking at your other two projects on your profile as well. The combination between the art (which I like) and the gameplay (which I absolutely love) blends really well together.

I did rate this lower than News Desk, because while News Desk is still in it's infancy, this project is considered completed while News Desk has potential for expansion.

I wish you great luck on your future projects and I'm excited to see what you come up with next. I'll definitely be following the development of News Desk. Great work!

pyorgara responds:

Thanks for the in dept review!

The two games did, indeed have two different artists. It's also the reason that the CGs kinda stops after a while in this game. My wife was burning out and had to stop helping me. The poor woman tried to hang on as long as possible but I had to tell her to stop after a while. Hehe.

Thank you for the nice comments on the game! I could have spent some more time on this game but it was time to move on. ^_^

any chance to get a guide, or maybe even a hint on the endings? ive only gotten one of them and idk how to get the others. phenomenal game otherwise, love the art style and progression as well as the army commanding.

pyorgara responds:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the game. The different ending have to do with different levels of Vanora's self worth and reputation.

For some reason my reputation and vanora's self worth and rep won't change at all. I'm assuming that it's a glitch, so I'll try again later.

Game will not allow reputation to increase. Have raised to 99, then flip to 0 and reputation stays the same. Enjoyable game but you can only lose and never advance. Would very much like to play further.

pyorgara responds:

what? That makes no sense... This is the first that I hear of it. When the 99 XP rolls over, you should have increased the stat by one, right?

This game is lots of fun, the scenes are ok but the gameplay/combat mechanism is amazing!
a few suggestions though...
♦ explain a little clearer in the how to play tab, after completing the game I understand what it is saying but it was confusing when I started.
♦ adjust the limit on troops for Rep >10, (1 more per 1 rep?) the end of the game can get very grindy.

I would love if you used this battle system to develop another expanded/similar game not adult themed.

Tips for game play
• conserve your reputation, it is the most important stat. Rep determines troop numbers actions in town and is spent to upgrade your troops. Save your game before fighting and if your rep ends up going down reload and try again.
• Scouts are super important.
• don't go to court for tokens until you can easily beat the first area.
• if you want to unlock the gallery scenes watch for when Vanora's Rep and SW drop.
• The Crystal Obelisk in the Outskirts gives random stat changes unless you use a shard (obtained by searching the mage towers in the Desolation) then it gives positive. If you do this many times you will unlock the GLUE scene and get a shield egg (shield egg makes army invincible for 1 round of a fight)

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3.62 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2019
2:11 PM EST
Strategy - Other