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Roundabout 2

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Hexagon Level
1. waccho 86
2. Elcqbelo 70
3. calcaldeds 57
4. beastbeautycute 54
5. trident6 51
6. OneThousandMeeps 39
7. kyller92 32
8. Hyrax77 31
9. TodorSostar 25
10. Herteqowsky 25
11. Reen69 19
12. EdmilsonJnior 18
13. TazShelby2016 17
14. troller211 16
15. firechamber100 16
16. Megasonics 14
17. Salorlor 13
18. ja123456788 13
19. DrawnOnTheWall 12
20. atypicalgamer3 12

Author Comments

Round and round it goes... When will it stop? Nobody knows!

Roundabout 2 is an endless one button game where you tap to go around and around in circles.

Roundabout 2 is simple enough to learn in 5 seconds or less, but addictive enough to keep your interest in a "just one more game!" kind of way.

Roundabout 2 is also available for your Android device on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.brycesummer.roundabout2

Each of the 4 levels are synced to their own unique adrenaline-pumping electronic music tracks... Try them all to find your favorite!

The soundtrack for the game was made by me as well, and you can listen to it here on Newgrounds:
Spaghetti Code(Square Level):
Artificial Intel Agent(Triangle Level):
RTFM or GTFO(Hexagon Level):
Speed Daemon(Pentagon Level):


Also, you can support me on Patreon if you're cool like that: https://www.patreon.com/brycesummer

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Amazing job to make such a simple concept so addictive. Struggling with the final secret medal - any clues?

BryceSummer responds:

The secret medal involves thinking outside of (or maybe in this case, around) the box. :)

Very cool moves, like the Dust of Saturn track too. Nice synthwave groove.

I'm really impresed, I didn't expected so many cool efects when I clicked that game :o

This game is like a drug trip.
lesson learned don't use drugs.

Fun little game, simple as advertised. Super trippy and hard to get a handle on at first (especially when it zooms out super far around 20 turns and 40ish). The music is really nice, too.