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Edit 2-11-19: Changed game window size to be smaller!
Want to use the more faster and more stable exe demo?

Note: This is a port of a Ren'py game using an experimental tool called RenPyWeb. The exe version is available on patreon, has music and runs better.

The DC and Marvel Universes have merged! You'd think that'd double the population but all the men are missing, too! Except for you! Find out what has happened, save the day, or be stuck being the only male in the universe! That was supposed to sound like a bad thing.

Want more from us? The latest update has Poison Ivy!


Sexyverse Games Team
Organizer/Writer/Designer: Sexyverse
Programmer/Designer: DrX

Others (DLC/Free Use/Commission/Etc)

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AMAZING STUFF! Really hope you keep this going.

Hey uh just out of curiosity, is there a way to get an updated version without Patreon? Because it seems your crew is under review by them and that's never a good thing, I am looking forward to see where things go from here though as the artwork is nice and I enjoy the tone of the game.

DrXNG responds:

Hi, we're currently working on getting our patreon back up. We have a gumroad page where you can become a member and get the latest version.

The game has real promise, one I'll probably enjoy. My only complaint is that some of the women are overly busty like Waller, Captain Marvel is indeed busty but it's proportioned well with her body. Moonstone is a great example it looks natural to her as well as Katana. I don't have a problem with Harley partially due to how she's angled. Besides that the Art looks Amazing. Story wise my only issue are the power rings if that is indeed a Sinestro Corp ring He would have to be chosen just like the other rings. Why would Waller just have one to give to him and can make it work. How would the Star Sapphire ring work if he's not female?

waller is my target

So far so good....

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3.34 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2019
11:37 AM EST
Simulation - Dating