Oppaimon v0.3.7Beta - [Bugs Fixeds]

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Hello everyone! We hope you’re doing very well, we thank you for the patience you have had these days. We have worked to fix some bugs that affected the gaming experience:

- Fixed bug Oppaimons can not win XP

- Fixed freeze bug in Rhine shop

- Fixed menu error after capturing an Oppaimon

- Fixed error in menu when you get your first oppaimon
Please, if you have any error or bug we ask you to let us know taking into account the following:

Game version (PC, Mac or Webgl)

If you started a new game or loaded a game

Place of the bug
Thank you very much for your support, Love and patience!, We love you <3

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i cant even play this game. it doesn't load

I might be stupid but how to you switch the first party member for your other pokemon. If you can't please add it.

When you go back to talk to the professor, if you right click after you take the pictures, and she's talking about masturbating, you box disappears and you cannot progress.

In the second town I found a glitch. Next to the tree that you'd normally have to cut, you can walk through it and then find yourself in pitch black texture.

hey I like the game but I've found a bug while grinding, its on the version here (I think web but maybe PC) and I started a new game. the bug happens when the first two oppaimon are "fainted" and you get into a new battle the oppaimon in the second slot (in my case Rafapfap) appears and gets to make one attack before the game registers that it has 0 HP and forces you to switch