Dr. Doe's Pokemon Research

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A short interactive I made a couple of years ago as a YCH (your character here) for Lucarilover240 on FA.

Have fun with Doe and her silly lines!


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"Did you just use Extreme Speed?"

Okay, while there isn't much content here, the graphics are decent, and the animation is really smooth, and DAMN those lines are hilarious.
Make it a bit longer, maybe add a speed setting and more "options", and this could easily be five star material. (Also, even more hilarious lines would be GREAT.)

This really isn't bad for just a quick interactive game. (Though I would like to point out that Lucario is blue, and not red. A shiny one is yellow. But if the coloration is a personal thing- you mentioned in the description you made it for someone else- then there's really no issue there.)

Who does the voice?

I really like that there are different dialogues depending if you end quick or take your time

this voice turn me on by itself

love the doe and her voice