Poor Lonely Stacey

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Stacey was so lonely that everyone left her.
She was forced to do something drastic in order to find love.
Will she succeed?

Please enjoy and would love to see your comments!!

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>8 years old
wew lad

Was this made in GoAnimate?

goodbadhi responds:

Nope. Flash!

I, uh...uhhh...wha?
I honestly cannot tell if this was supposed to be funny or not. I really, really can't tell. Rating this is gonna be hard.
First off, the narration was quite bad. I'm sorry, it was. It pointed out the obvious, repeated itself and switched tenses and used incorrect grammar a lot. It was also pretty emotionless.
Then we have the art, which is clearly made mostly from recycled assets. I appreciate thst you made some original art too, though.
The story was just...wow. It is the reason I can't tell whether this was supposed to be serious. So cliched, so weirdly dark. They were creeped out? And, I'm sorry, she went through jungles? And why did everyone hate Stacey so much? It's weird. What was that ending with the grandpa? Was it supposed to be a commentary on the justice system? This whole thing sent such mixed messages. It's hard to believe anyone wrote this with a serious face, but I feel like that has to be the case. This is worth maybe 2.5 stars as a "drama", but it's funny, so 3 stars. However, the narration is still bad and it could have been really funny if it was accentuated in a different way, so it's not very good as a comedy or a drama. I suggest in the future, try to make your stories less immersion-breakingly dark (if you want it to be serious), be careful about switching tenses in them and try not to repeat yourself. If you want your stories to be written in a randomly funny way, then try to make that clearer. Like, do something silly with your narration, something random.

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2.77 / 5.00

Feb 10, 2019
12:10 AM EST