Find The Right Girl

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WASD and ARROW KEYS to move. Click the coffee cup to regenerate your lives, but the girls will turn back from witches. R to restart level

I polished it up a bit and added sound FX

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Not really worth the time, all you're gonna get at the end it the same girl but zoomed out. Please add better picture, and I'll play the game again.

Nice game. the guessing is a pain, having to replay a level gets very tedious, try matching instead.

The platforming is okay. The guessing game is most definitely NOT okay. It would be okay if it weren't just pure luck, but as is, you have better than 50% chance of having to replay the level even if you have done no mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, I like that you're trying new ideas, but this particular idea just doesn't work. Maybe if you replaced the guessing game with something skill based...


It works and is very simple. The physics are accurate enough. The puzzles are neither too easy nor DOOM-on-nightmare-difficulty hard.

Having to use the mouse to click the button on the map seems weird at first. What happened to the [Press Enter] from the intro screen?
But the question does not remain. After beating level one you would have your hand on the mouse from the finding game when reentering the map anyway.

At first I thought the witches were shuffled everytime you enter the memory game and it would be completely by chance to beat a level.
But I found out on my own that it's not as bad. I wondered about but did not know about the function of the coffee cup. (more below)

The mug is a bit quirky. It does rehide the found witches, but the life refilling only works when at exactly one heart. If it wasn't written in the instructions (Which I only ever read, when I'm unable to play something.) any player would maybe click it once, see it only rehides the witches and never touch it again.

A solution: Only show the cup after health went down to one heart. Then after using it remove it from view. Like this noone gets confused, why it doesn't heal anymore.
In addition decorating the mug with a plus sign and a heart would give the player enough visual aid to know what it does and you wouldn't have to explain it in the controls.

An idea (If you're still developing this game.) Add collectible hearts to the levels which would then replace the fixed heart counter in the memory game.

Thank you for creating!

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2.29 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2019
7:41 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other