Squadrom Z

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Incredible space adventure with many enemies that you will have to eliminate to get the best score.

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First off, horrible controls on this game. The ship only moves when you hold down the click? What kind of sense does that make.
But also, "MakeMoneyPaypal" That name screams "Russian hackbot". And considering all of the games this account has posted are generic bullet games (not point-and-click at all) with no instructions, I suspect this is a phony account reposting generic games from other sites.

Actually it's not a point and click game but a bullet hell. The control is ok as long as you don't use the charge function (my first run). Once the charge is discovered the control gets messy (second run). But i can't imagine using the charge on later waves anyway. The enemies come in just that fast. Also i don't get the mechanism that is used to spawn the power ups. As long as you don't have the maximum shooting power they spawn? Every 500 points one spawns?

the control is good

The controls need a lot of work. The fact that you have to hold the mouse down to move is not good design, especially when you need to stop shooting to charge your attack.
Consider changing the game so that you don't have to do that. It would improve the game greatly.

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2.82 / 5.00

Feb 9, 2019
3:08 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click