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I thought this would be cute so I threw it together.

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I haven’t seen the original animation this audio is from but it’s obvious that in the original short there’s a sudden change in mood with scary, gory, swearing, maybe a jumpscare or something Idunno. Anyway, while I’m here; what’s JQ’s backstory? Why is there a jellyfish queen, is she just a regular kid in a costume who goes to school with them, is she a member of an aquatic humaniod species, is she some kind of magical sea fairy associated with jellyfish, or maybe it’s one or a mix of the last two but she still attends school with them.

JohnimationStudios responds:

Funny you say that about the original audio, as far as I know there's no jump scare, it's just strangely eerie audio to like 25% of people who hear it.
As for Jellyfish Queen, she is a real Jellyfish Girl from the ocean(I'm thinking aquatic humanoid species, but I also like your sea fairy idea..). She was kidnapped by divers as a child and lives in the local aquarium, and occasionally joins in on John's adventures. She adds a little bit of colorful wonder to the cast and I wanted to make her really pop, which usually just ends up in her stealing the show. (She has an introduction episode on my YouTube channel but tbh, its pretty dated and poorly made, seek at your own risk!)

Cute....also idk why but i feel like john and jelly are a little to, uh, "Romantically" CLOSE to each other in some of your animations, like the update vid.... just my opinion.

JohnimationStudios responds:

It'd funny you say that, Jelly actually has a crush on Rudy canonically ;>

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JohnimationStudios responds:

I wish

Not a bad short animation. This is still one of the most wholesome copypastas I have heard. Hope you keep working on making new animations in the future. :)

JohnimationStudios responds:

Thanks! And I can guarantee I'll be making these dumb videos until my dick falls off.

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Feb 8, 2019
10:13 PM EST
Comedy - Original