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Growth Threesome at the Beach

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-Originally released October 2017-

Zeena, Soria and Quiet all drink a growth serum, each experiencing different effects!

Contains: giantess growth, nipple fucking, breast / cock expansion, docking

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The cum has weird graphics, and the middle of her chest looked blurry. Sometimes the models phase into each other. Parts of the models look pixel-ish. otherwise great Idea and very sexy!


My 600th liked content. You should be proud. I should also sue you for exciting me so much. I love cartoons where asses and tits grow like that. I'm not into dicks so that's where you lose me with all the dick in dick fucking, but they are all girls so I can look past that. I wont let that ruin the parts I do enjoy and it's your vision of something that surely is an established kink and that's fine. It's honestly creative even though it's not my thing. I see other works you've done are similar. All I ask is more ass growing and anal fucking and I'll stick around. This was just well done. The way she just took them both and had her way with them and they were loving it. It's a beautiful scene. And the blue one has lovely lips.

You know what, fuck it, it doesn't have to make sense for it to be good.