Nier:Dominata :: BIG update 11/02/2019

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Thanks to NikoMarkx and CaminanteNocturno for indicating errors.

Hey, there’s an important poll about the next update.
"Sex only" mode or new scene "Rider position"?
Give me your opinion.



Hey friends!

I apologize for such a long silence. It was a long pause, but now the project is finding a new life.

Leave your feedback. They are important, and I am open to your suggestions.


Next update - game mode "Only sex"

Thank you for your patience. No more pauses.

Work on the project is in full swing.

You can also support the development of the game on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/yurrri

Thank you for your criticism, it makes the game better!

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It seems like the dude is gone forever. Though, on the brighter side, There are a couple signs that point to YuRRRi not trying to run off with patreon money (looking into the flash file, a small part of the next update was already incorporated in there), or rather, the creator wasn't planning to do his fans dirty from the start, but something then changed. Real shame that they're gone, the project could've gone somewhere.

Is this game being developed anymore? The Paetron hasn't been updated since February.

Fuck me running, Windoze disabled my Flash. Excuse me while I go choke a MS engineer.

Second bot attack has a lot going on, can fail fairly easily if you don't turn down the quality.

4/5 for solid work, would be 5/5 if patreon weren't used so liberally--I get showing love to supporters, but there's a line, imo

Would rate it higher if patreon wasn't shoved in my throat. Great animations, art style, and the small little minigames could be heck of a lot worse (especially one handed, ;) ). So much potential here, just cool it on the patreon and it will be an easy 5/5.