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Anger - Punk Pig

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Anger (noun): a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

Original Comic found here:

Music used Shadows On The Wall by Jonny Easton
Link: https://youtu.be/8nUf1h0rT28
Check out his channel
Link: https://www.youtube.com/jonnyeaston

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Haha nice

so this was kind of short I think the credits were longer lol, but anyways the artwork and characters are really good the shadows and color is nice, very vibrant but was kind of short would have loved some longer secenes even but overall this was a nice little scene

would have loved some longer secenes even but overall this was a nice little move you have made


Strawdud responds:

Yeah these are a bit short. I probably could adapt a few strips and make a compilation instead of just making one at a time or perhaps see if I can work with the comic author and come up with a longer story than the 4 panel strips I adapt them from.

Everything moves as it should but there's not much else to it.

Not sure what this is all about but the animation's solid.


Art is great. Animation is expressive and cute.

Acting and sound is pretty crummy, and it takes the impact of the joke down a few pegs. Easy enough to find talented voice actors with decent sound set ups. Same with the record scratch sound effect- way too cliche. Good luck, though!