NWAR: Total Deboot

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Detective Nwar starts from the bottom up in order to keep the magic going.

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Tom Fulp should make a page for this series!


I'm glad we get to see the continuation of this punderous journey again! I've definitely missed these. Keep on doing what you do best ^___^

"Step-Mom and Pop Shop" is some good shit, man :)

That was some nice work

I have seen a few of these but this one was my most favourite you have here it has some nice black and white theme and or noir element the voice work is amazing and the story brings out some really great detail I do think some added subtitles would be nice, nayways great story

I do think some added subtitles would be nice


It's awesome to see NWAR back in business, and the wordplay's on another level again, yet the story... it seems to be getting harder and harder to follow with each one of these. Almost like the wordplay's steering the way of the script rather than vice versa. We jump right back into the plot and... here we go again. Fast pace. No prerequisite context or introduction to the new villain, and she's just as easily put down. Feels like those final lines put all of this in place though. :) Hopefully: there'll be more of a story to follow with the future magic!

But either way I'm happy to see these again, story or no.