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Slide to reach the goal
Solve the 75 puzzle levels

Use your logic, strategy and intuition and beat the challenge

Plan your moves or experiment on the go to see how intelligent or clever you really are.

Avoid the void, switch panels, break walls, bounce, stop, flip and find the way through mazes in this highly variety game that takes the idea of sliding to the limit.
Take a look at the skins and personalize your game to match your style.

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Slide to win features:
-New rules added to keep things interesting
-No text, no need to read.

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I hope you have fun
By Luis Gerardo Garay J.

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Fun but, I can't see the whole screen and that kinda ruins it.

the gameplays not very good, and the screen is way too big

looks like an app i could get on my phone.
next time make it smaller

every thing great but it does not fit window

This game is okay.
The puzzles are well thought out and fun enough, but the game design is lacking. The controls aren't super tight, so it takes a moment for the ball to stop before you can move again, making the gameplay drag a bit. I feel like with these types of puzzles, the player usually visualizes the solution first and then quickly executes it, so the slowdown is fairly noticeable.
The main problem I'm having is that there is almost no indication of where the voids are. If the void is multiple spaces, you can see it well enough, but one tile voids are completely invisible and I cannot figure out how I'd be expected to see them. This takes a lot of the fun away from the game, as I'll see a solution only to find out there's an invisible void and I have to start all over again.
If there was some sort of different outline or color for the void tiles (heck, even if they just subtly flashed a different color every so often), I feel like they'd be a fun addition to the game, but right now they make it feel more like a minefield of trial and error.
The only other critique I have is that I think the game would be improved with some keyboard controls for restarting and continuing. It's a little weird to play with a keyboard but have to click the restart and continue buttons with the mouse. "R" for restart and spacebar or enter for continue are pretty standard in most games like this.
All in all, this game has good puzzles that are made frustrating by some of the design choices. That being said, if those things can be improved, I think this game could be really fun.
Keep up the good work, and I look forward to whatever you do next!

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2.89 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2019
8:18 PM EST
Puzzles - Sliding