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Dofus and Dragons - A strange meeting [ANIMATIC]

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Hey guys !

This is the first ever scene of our game of D&D in the universe of Wakfu ! Otherwise called Dofus and Dragons. Shana, an eliatrope who thinks to be a pandawa, accidentally makes the journey from her home country, Pandalousie to Bonta. She meets Clim, a sufokian bodyguard who seems to have lost track of his companion and an important emissary he was protecting ! Together, they decide to go see the King to ask for help.

Between school and homework, I decided to teach myself how to direct and storyboard, and what a better way than to illustrate scenes from a game that I play with my friends ! I've been working on this on and off, and if I were to work on it still there are tons of things I'd improve, but for a simple exercise, I'm quite happy with how it came out. I hope you're at least entertained by it ! I will definitely make more of these in the future.

Oh ! Also maybe you are wondering why there are no voices. Well first off, we played this scene quite a while ago and were still somewhat new to D&D. On top of that, we're definitely not voice actors so you can bet our voices were pretty cringy to listen to haha !

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/anaellelecoz
Website ► https://www.anaellelecoz.com/
Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/anaellelecoz/


My fellow colleague DM, Ether ► https://twitter.com/EtherSamega

Playing Clim, the steamer soldier ► https://www.twitch.tv/marchombre64

Playing Celestine, a nerd huppermage ► https://twitter.com/LifyLt

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An animation combining two things I dearly love—Wakfu and D&D. You best believe I'm investing myself in this story... but I'm also interested in the system. Are you using a core ruleset of some kind, or is it mostly homebrew?

Shaipi responds:

100% homebrew ! Maybe one day we'll make a book out of it haha.

Please tell me you're working on an entire series with three to five seasons. I need moar!

Shaipi responds:

I am ;D <3

so the eliotrope only THINKS its a pandawa?

Shaipi responds:

Haha she's actually an Eliatrope (there's a whole fan lore behind it that we created, obviously none of it is canon) and yep, she thinks she's a pandawa, or at least she wishes she was. Everything will be explained in the next animatics.

You got potential there, but may need more characters and more background on those characters.

It's a concept so far so not much to say about it for now, but I do like the character designs very neat and defines them each very well, also just generally love the idea as my avatar is based off one of my old DND characters, hope for more in the future.

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3.54 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2019
12:36 PM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 27, 2019

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