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Resident Evil - Sex Virus EP 1 [FUTA]

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I wasnt thinking of uploading this movie because I remember the stress and unsecurity .It werent good times unfortunately but Im happy RE frnachise is relevant now today :)

EP2 is planed but dont ask for it. No feedback on earth can motivate me to start EP2 because I almost worked in myself into a burnout in other words...it was a flop.

Anyway f**k what I think and enjoy ^^

Etended Cut 17:26min , includes more positions :

making of ,includes side by side action-scenes and scnery:

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It’s good stuff. I do wish to see some mutations perhaps in the future but importantly thanks for sharing.

Shame, I never rated this piece of excellence.

very sexy stuff.

Holy fuuuuucccccckkkkkk!!!!