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Crimson Moon Ep 1

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Author Comments

April 25th 2004;

I have an Alpha of Crimson Moon #2 is anyone wants to check it out, Comments always welcome.

Jason "Danthi" Whalley

Dec 26 2003;
Part 1 of CM is finshed and I am working in Part 2.
Later all
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

Still working on Crimson Moon No#2, the first sceen is taking about three weeks to create!!!
I can't believe that I have been working on #2 for about a year now.
Oh and I have updated the Crimson Moon website. http:/www.crimsonmoon.tk
Well I would like to thank all the
have supported me while I am making Crimson Moon #2. Check out http://vampky.blogspot.c
om for up date info for Crimson Moon.
Well in about a month worth or work and it is finally here!! The First Ep of Crimson Moon!!! There are outtakes but I only have one...so far. Please tell me what you think. I will start No# 2 in a week. But please remember that I am NOT a professional so I still kind of suck at frame by frame animation. No#2 will be better. If you want I will submit the rest of the fight as another movie later, leaver your answer in your review please.
I think there was a problem with the preloader I hope it's fixed now. And sorry for the file size.
In your reviews can you tell me what to change and what needs improvements? Thanks
from Reading the reviews I have received I have a lot of work to do I will work harder on no#1.
I would also like to thank all who wrote reviews this will help me become better thanks.
Dec 10, 2002;
I have changed a few things and got rid of the outtakes. What was I thinking, well anyway i Think it is getting better?...
See ya later.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

Update Mar 5,2003
I have finally started Crimson Moon Ep#2 Second moon. For updates on the progress check out
I also have a Forum there to. Check it out...Later.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

June 16th 2003,
Well I have decided to Re-make Crimson Moon No#1 and make it better. I will be uploading the new file here and letting ya all know that Crimson Moon #1 is re-made. I will be adding Shadows, and highlights, i will get rid of that walk animation and make it better. I will also be replacing the pre-loader so that it works...and a few more things like the music i will be making my own.
The main reason I am doing this is because I am going to sell the Eps at my Cafépress store.
Thanks Jason Whalley

Oct 18,2003
I am still workling away at Crimson Moon #2. I have also beem looking throught the aduio Portal and found some good music and loops for my animations.
They are:
"Vampires eat soap", by encino187
"Final Fight", by ParagonX9
"Mygothloop", by s1nt3ch
Those are the three I have picked so far I also want to try and add some of my own music as well.
So the progress is over 22%, This is alot of work and i know it will be worth while.
Jason "Danthi" whalley

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heh.....the fight part was kinda fuzzy,i think....but awesome!!blah...hunters.....so annoying!!if that'd been me...i wouldnt killed her....but it was a cool flash,even though it didnt have any <yum>blood(grins)good job on this flash...makes me wanna make my own!

Danthi responds:

Thanks for your review BloodMistress;
Ky has his reasons not to kill her, which will be reviled in future eps.
I'm glad that I have inspired you to make your own movie, I just makes me more determined to not let my fans down!
BTW I would love to see you animation when you have it done.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley

Pretty good Flash movie.

Eh, this was a pretty good flash vid, Not the best..But I'm not totally sure, it might just be my computer, but the voices and mouths didnt quite match nor did the bus sounds and or Music come on right. I'm not totally sure if that was how it was meant to be, perhaps so to decrease the filesize anyway, I'm waiting for the 3rd episode, and currently Downloading the 2nd, Come back soon.

Danthi responds:

Thanks for the Louie-de-vancreiger;
Well I didn't mean to have the mouths not match, I had finished watching this again and the lip sync seemed fine on my computer. I'll look forward for your review of ep#2, I'm also really sorry to make everyone wait so long for the next episode.
I've let so much crap get in the way of making Crimson Moon what I want it to, I just means that I need to buckle down and really work my ass off on the next Crimson Moon.
Jason "Danthi" Whalley


Like the other one, I really like this. The graphics weren't the best, but drawing on the computer is hard I know. I've never made a flash (dun have the stuff you need for it) but I'm sure this is better than what I could do. ^^ Vampires are cool, especially this Ky. I noticed the words in the starts, too. XD

Danthi responds:

I am glad you like it. This one was drawn with a mouse and part two was drawn with a tablet. I'm still not very good at flash but I just really need to pratice and pay attention to life, there is a whole ton of stuff that needs to be worked on. Ky is a cool character, I put a little bit of myself in all my characters. Lol I plan to have at least one little secret on most of my movies. Thanks for your review

Jason "Danthi" Whalley

it was good

graphics were a bit ugly :/ and that walk on the bus looks SOOOOOOOO traced...

Danthi responds:

Well it was....At that time I was still very much a noob with animation in Flash, and I had a very little grasp on the concept for animation. So I used poser to help with the walk...which turned out horrible...


dude that thing is way too long... he were sitting in that bus talking to himself for like hours or something... if he had something to tolk about it would be ok... but he didnt say anything that could be slighty interesting...
about the graphics... how come that girl's outfit didnt move an inch when she stood in the hard wind and rain but when she entered the bus it started to get its own life???
about the fight he remembers... really dull he goes back and forth and its over??? how can u make suchs a bad fight???

Danthi responds:

You bring up some good points hugomanen,
For the rain sequence I used photoshop, I also didn't think about a bunch of different elements, So Crimson Moon #1 wasn't very well planed.
As for the coat moving so much when she is on the bus, I had traced over a movie of a poser model waking and it looks really awkward.
I do agree that the fight was bad...well looking back at it now, the whole thing is really bad. Back then my knowledge of Animation/Flash was really limited, and I hope to correct this with the newer animations I am making.
Thanks for your Review.

Jason "Danth" Whalley
Thanks for your review.

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2002
3:35 PM EST