Palutena's cozy bed [cinematic SD]

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Interactive version [https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/725265]

Collab animation with 3Mangos [http://twitter.com/3mangos]

> [early-access] access to this and all previous animation in 1080p
> [basis+] animated wallpapers
> [source] 4k animation without watermark and source files that includes: original PSD, After Effects, TVPaint files
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very repetitive, only 1 position, not much going on here really

The bed, or, something makes a really grating effect each time he breathes... other than that sound is pretty solid.

That aside, his hyper dick is attached a bit crooked to his body. Looks off.
And well, Palutena has a incredibly flat pussy. With everything else oversized, leaving that out is just lazy. The tit gravity is however really good. The bloom effect and, whatever is used on the hair does make it clash a bit against the rest of the body.

Ah, just saw the artist. Getting someone notoriously incompetent at female anatomy to well, draw females tend to end up like that. Never quite got why people always hire brand artists, to draw the one thing they can't do properly. Would make more sense to get them to draw what they are actually good at.

And atop that, fluff wise, he couldn't even get her off.
It honestly feels like just a massive waste of resources. Could have done something much better with the time and effort. The tits are nice at least.

Even epic

It's amazing but like always it's too short.

The gods are pleased

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4.18 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2019
12:07 PM EST
Comedy - Parody