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Poorly Animated Roommates: The New Guy

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Sorry if it’s been months since I uploaded a video, but here’s Episode 1 of Poorly Animated Roommates featuring a new character, Nick The alcoholic.

I hope you all like it, but due to the fact that these take months to make and school is just around the corner for me. Expect the next episode around midyear, so I hope you guys (& gals) would be patient. Bye


Nathan is Not Animating - NICK

Mini Mint - JADE

Joe Franco - LEO

Electricstar - JAX

Yuki Jean – HALEY

Bar Tender - The Wonderful World of Suit

Background Designer:
Joe Concepts


Credits theme by:

Transition Music by:
Joe Franco

Cover of 'Moneymaker' by Paul Butterfield:
The Generation Gap


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Very nice comedy Nathan!

my first roommate was pink-everything queen-gay and flamboyantly so. i then got another 3 roommates and they were all closeted-gay and tried to have an orgy with me on a gamping trip, and the 4th was a gay prostitute. then i left there and my next roommate was gay whos hands were so pruney from lotion that you could smell it before entering the room and kept touching himself at his desk constantly even with me sitting only feet from him. i didn't choose roommate rooms after that.

Notbad of a series

So this is notbad of a series you have here the characters are vibrant the voices are nice, onlything I would change up might be checking on the sound volume no not my speaker volume but the sound in wich it was recorded it seemed kind of low and adding some subtitles would be cool, anyways great entry hope you make a long series from it.

some sound control and some subtitles might work


Ah the house... does that ring a bell or am I thinking of a different Roommates series hmm... either way this was great. Smooth introductions. Interesting characters all over. Was thinking seven minutes seemed pretty long for an episode, but the time passed by surprisingly quickly with this one. Looking forward to the next one, whenever time comes! Good fun. And that new guy really can drink. XD


This first episode came out really well!
Seeing my backgrounds for the bar scene being used is very uplifting for me at the start of 2019. Makes me wanna be more committed to this series. Make more backgrounds to it.

Say, Is it pretentious of me to comment on a Collaboration I worked in?
If it is I won't do it again.