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Bloody Submarines

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Author Comments

This version was made for newgrounds only for Pixelday2019.

Blow up submarines with your trusty battleship filled with depth charges in this arcade style action game. You are in control of the toughest battleship in the seas and you need to destroy all submarines that threaten the peace of the seas.

Arrow Left & Right to Move, Spacebar to Drop a Depth Charge

-Story mode with 20 levels
-2 Epic boss battles (in Story mode)
-Survival mode, see how long can you survive against the onslaught of the submarines
-Many different unique enemies that will try to evade your bombs or destroy your ship
-Multiple upgrades to make your ship tougher and destroy the submarines more effectively

Dev note: Sadly had to disable highscores because of a WebGL specific problem that prevents them from working, I'm looking into solutions.

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its glitched at level 6 wont play any further

Template88 responds:

What kind of glitch? ProfessorFLash sure as heck isnt coming back to fix this, but I've beaten this game multiple times at different points in time on different machines using different browsers so it should work.

The mine launching submarines are absolutely the Hell's worst creation. Like, I am pretty sure I have raged less from Double Veteran Nemesis ships from Event Horizon than from those bastards. Their mines block depths charges, they travel very fast and are hard to predict because the way they always stop to launch mines, etcetera etcetera. There's not a deadlier combo in any other game EVER than the mine ships and the heat seeking ones together, the 9th level is proof to that.

With the only pretty major critique out of the way... Yeah, this game is really darn cool. I always wanted to play a fully submarine-themed game, and this one doesn't disappoint, if you can overlook the absolutely brutal difficulty at times. Otherwise... I will never forget the nostalgia wave that hit me like an actual submarine, when I first launched a battle and heard 8-Bit Vengeance by EliteFerrex, a true classic.

There was a game back in the 90's called Sinksub I played a few times that this was probably based on . . .

The reset mechanic doesn't work to great. If you min max for a bossfight (dont pick any weights) you're stuck with a build that isn't able to reach lower submarines that move fast.

So here I am, having to grind out gold by dying until I can reset because the game has locked me into a position where I cant do anything.

While I get that It's on me for min-maxing to cheese a fight, it does create a no win situation that requires you to just die/lose a bunch of times with nothing you can do about it really.

Honestly, I would've preferred to be able to reset story mode to having to grind out a reset. Not being able to do that really soured the experience for me.

Pretty fun for a while. Great music by EliteFerrex as usual as well. I think it does get a bit too tough for it's own good at certain points and there's been a few unwinnable situations. But not at all bad for a quick romp.

Credits & Info

3.45 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
7:07 AM EST