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The Hermit's Cat

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Author Comments

All right folks, the moral of this story is this: a guy is a hermit, because he doesn't like people. In fact, he downright hates people. Which is why he's a hermit. Because he's a hermit, he doesn't have any friends. But then here's this injured cat. He brings it home, feeds it, and is happy for the first time in a long, long time. He has a friend. But he leaves his cave, and while he's gone, wolves come and kill the cat, keeping the hermit from ever being happy.

You can interpet the shadows of the wolves as whatever you like...but they're wolves =P

It's irony, is what it is.


damn people like--- those mean people

those shadows made me think of the 'popular' people in this world. they don't take into account that other people have feelings and other senses as they do. .....just what i think.
I believe that this is your form of poetry. Apparently, there are a lot of people that are just like those shadows viewing this video. 1.99... the first 4 people and the person that reviewed just before me didn't understand it either. you gotta be on some higher level then most people.
keep it up, etc etc... other assorted forms of encuragement. (add a replay button please so it's easier to understand.)

way too short

It would have been incredibly good except for the length. Which made it pointless. Keep trying.

good movie

that was a good movie i really liked the creepy feel to it. but i kinda thought it was a bit too short and it didnt really have a point it wasnt made to be funny,show action, or invoke any thought in the viewer so i dont really see the point of watching a hermit bring a cat back to his cave only to have it killed 10 secounds later for no reason at all. the animation was good and the sound fit the movie but the movie nneds to be more than just there it needs to do something. good luck with future movies u have the capability to be greatr just use it to its full advantage.

kinda leaves you with that creepy after feeling.

i really enjoyed this movie. i felt it had a lonely almost desolate feel to it. Its as almost as if the hermit was truly meant to be alone. he interupted his fate by taking in the cat, so in the end the cat was killed. The only thing that might have lead the hermit to progress back into society, was diminished. Beautiful almost peaceful , i liked it .

Makes you think!

Nice job, but I doubt anyone got it.

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Credits & Info

2.18 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2000
5:26 AM EST