The Hermit's Cat

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All right folks, the moral of this story is this: a guy is a hermit, because he doesn't like people. In fact, he downright hates people. Which is why he's a hermit. Because he's a hermit, he doesn't have any friends. But then here's this injured cat. He brings it home, feeds it, and is happy for the first time in a long, long time. He has a friend. But he leaves his cave, and while he's gone, wolves come and kill the cat, keeping the hermit from ever being happy.

You can interpet the shadows of the wolves as whatever you like...but they're wolves =P

It's irony, is what it is.


cool stuff

Sorry i missed the point but gave u a 5 u deserve it man i still dont get the point lol

Another good one, Azure

People will complain cuz this is too short. I'll be honest: I watched it, missed the point, read some reviews, watched it again, figured it out, realized what everyone was saying. The point's hard to pick out, cuz the viewer needs to read too much into what little he's given to work with. I realize the whole thing with the cat being the hermit's only possible link to society, and it's taken away by that same society. Deep. I've been on that end of things. It's not fun. Five years of middle school, and the first two of high school: half the people are those red eyes, and the other half are too busy being oblivious. Bastards, all of 'em. We, as a species, need to stop turning a pacified eye toward this kind of crap. To anyone who reads this: go out, right now. Stand up, walk out of the room, and smile at the first person you see. Whether it's your mom, your spouse, your roommate, or that guy who tripped you the other day. Smile at 'em. See what happens.

u know what?

the name says enough

please, oh, stop it!

im tired of crying from watching your flash flicks! btw: why did the hermit make a click noise when he picked up the cat?
anyway, SICK SICK SHIT, omg, i cried,im depressed now.


I've been tossing around a few themes for the movie in my head, but none are quite right. It invoked emotion in me, though, which few flash movies do. Well done, as per usual.

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2.18 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2000
5:26 AM EST