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The Hermit's Cat

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All right folks, the moral of this story is this: a guy is a hermit, because he doesn't like people. In fact, he downright hates people. Which is why he's a hermit. Because he's a hermit, he doesn't have any friends. But then here's this injured cat. He brings it home, feeds it, and is happy for the first time in a long, long time. He has a friend. But he leaves his cave, and while he's gone, wolves come and kill the cat, keeping the hermit from ever being happy.

You can interpet the shadows of the wolves as whatever you like...but they're wolves =P

It's irony, is what it is.

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i dont think so

hmmmmmm, not a very good plot, i dont think a lot of people undestand..

What the hell was that..

Its just about some guy who killed an innocent cat in the woods, come on, thats just a load of shit.

It was okay

I think reading your introduction to the flash took longer than watching the movie. a good flash shouldn't need that. It was pretty well done, I thought, even though there were no sound effects. It was kinda sad to see the cat die, and it was definitely better than it's 1.9/5 score. The shortness and the lack of sound (other than the music, which fit perfectly) are my only major problems.

That's just too sad.

Seriously, it was sad in a pointless sort of way. Plus you set up the story with your intro, not in the flash itself.
Try again.


look up "irony" in a dictionary

this isn't it

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2000
5:26 AM EST