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Project Pixkill - Abridged (2018)

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Started this project in case Flash (games specifically) really does go completely tits up at the end of the year. This is the short version or we'd be here all day.

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A fun movie

I really like this one it was sort of nice and I like the pixel element of it all you really made for a nice action of a film here and a great pick for pixel day choice so really nice work here, the art and graphics are pretty nifty on this one, you should make more soon.

Make more


This was the lowest submission for Pixel Day 2019. I honestly didn't think it was that bad. It's fine for what it is, a silly cartoon. I didn't recognize a lot of these characters. I probably didn't need to. I liked most of it.

Maybe you could have labeled them? It was hard to tell given the low resolution. It's still pretty interesting. The title's nice. If given more time, it could have been better.

It's just random characters fighting for eleven minutes. Using knockoff Mega Man looking sprites, might I add.