SIMGIRLS VN2 - The Hentai Ending

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This fanmade Visual Novel is an extension on the Bad Ending of Simgirls VN - Tomoko's Story. It's strongly recommended playing Tomoko's Story first (please see my other games on NG). No grinding required, have fun!

It's Dark. It's Insane and just Politically Wrong. Be warned. See My Goals on the phone for a small bonus.

For more of my serious games go to https://www.blackspears.com

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the fight scene was so funny!
I'm done!

Can someone link me the songs? I'd like to find them.

sim-man responds:

Trying my best as I can't read Japanese myself.
サンセット(album version)
Kimi Dake wo
Haruka Hana ~Haruka~
Ms. Jealousy
Ai Shinozaki - Hikari

I love this game. It really brings back some awesome memories.

But I have 4 questions:

- Are there more than 3 endings ("Kotomi's ending", "Tomoko's ending", "Tomoko's ending with bonus")? In other words, does the game always end around Day 19-21.

- How do the Magic Cards work? Do they just show up randomly or do some places give certain types of Magic Cards? I'm currently unable to find the sixth White Magic Card...

- Do you get a bonus for collecting all Magic Cards or what do they do?

- Is there any point in dating Ryuuji in this particular Visual Novel? Does anything extra get unlocked by it or should I just focus on Junta?

sim-man responds:

Hi thanks a lot for comment.
1) Three endings in this version.
2) Each time you take an action (like work and train) there will be a chance giving you a magic card. Go to Simgirls Tower top floor to find out more. Only recommend to collect them in the first game, as you will need to do a lot of grinding to increase stats anyway.
3) Yes go to the top floor in Simgirls Tower again.
4) At least not in this version. He is irrelevant in this Hentai Ending.

Love this game. Brings me back to your old roots.

sim-man responds:

Thanks bud

Uh, how do you go to school? Got stuck on the first task, I feel like I don't understand how to play the game.

sim-man responds:

get to the classroom

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3.14 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2019
2:00 AM EST
Simulation - Dating